Brunswick, GA to Hilton Head, SC

We slept in as we had nowhere to go in a hurry, but we were on the road by 9:30. The ride north was easy in I-95 to Savannah.

 North of Savanah, we turned off I-95 onto Hwy. 278 which took us over Calibogue Sound and the ICW. 

This bridge took us across the Sound to Hilton Head Island.

We drove along Fording Island Boulevard to our destination of Hilton Head Harbor and Marina, arriving at around 11:30.

Bob went into the office to check in and was given a golf cart to check out which site we wanted.

He took off to pick out a site and was back within 5 minutes. We decided on an inland site vs a waterfront site due to the noseeum issue which they warned us about. Our site, #168, was beautifully landscaped and very near one of the pools. Every site is privately owned and the owner can decorate his site however he wishes. Ours had a nice table with an umbrella, a huge grill, and a fire pit that we’ll have to try out one night.

We set up our campsite while Auggie had a chance to stretch his legs and check out the wildlife. It was quite warm and we quickly got overheated, so we relaxed in the AC for awhile. We did our research for the area and decided that we would explore the island tomorrow and check out the sights. As shade overtook our campsite, Auggie and I took a walk to the small marina nearby.

There was a boat going down the ICW as we stood on the boardwalk.

We spotted the main pool that overlooks the ICW—the same one that we first noticed when we came by water years ago. (This picture was taken later in the evening.)

Auggie’s little feet were getting hot on the black pavement, so I carried him for awhile as we made our way back to the campsite. When we returned, we discovered that Bob was out for a stroll himself, so Auggie and I relaxed in the shade of our patio with the windchimes tinkling in the breeze. When Bob returned, we went to the pool with our cocktails for a refreshing swim. 

We used the grill at our campsite to cook our chicken and had dinner, before taking our evening walk. As the sun set, the cicadas came out and the sound was deafening. Things were pretty quiet as we checked out the sunset.

We relaxed and watched some TV for the rest of the evening. We got a call from back home that a tornado had touched down in Tropic Isles twice around 6:45 and hit 5 homes—2 on Bimini Dr. and 3 on Edessa Dr. One home was totally destroyed. Peope were home at the time, but no one was hurt, thank goodness. It apparently struck without much warning! Unfortunately, our area does not have any tornado sirens. Yikes! Hopefully, we’ll get more information on the event tomorrow.

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