Brunswick, GA to Charleston, SC

May 24, 2023 It was an overcast morning and the rain started up around 8:15. It was still sprinkling when Auggie and Bob took their walk, but it ended around 9:00. We were packed up and ready to go at 9:30. Bob and I drove separately over to the nearby truck stop for diesel fuel at $3.44/gal. (Yesterday, we filled up the Jeep at $3.15/gal.) Once we were fueled up, we hooked up the Jeep at the diesel truck island and were on our way at 10:00. The skies lightened a little, but it was breezy. We traveled north on I-95 crossing over many of the salt marshes that fringed the area here in Georgia.

We had 170 miles to go today and the skies cleared and the sun finally came out at 11:00. It was good to see the sun again. Outside of Savannah, we saw this B-47 bomber sitting alongside the road. This Stratojet was on display behind the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum.

We crossed the Savannah River and then the border into South Carolina. The entrance into South Carolina is quite distinctive.

We exited I-95 onto Highway 17 towards Charleston. Highway 17 was a pretty drive on a forest-lined highway with little traffic. We arrived at our campground, Oak Plantation, on the outskirts of Charleston at 1:00.

We checked in and were given a pull-through site, #NN7, at the end of the row which gives Auggie plenty of space.

We hooked up and spent the afternoon doing some needed “housekeeping” in the motorhome. There was time before dinner to actually do some reading outside for a change. With a temp of 80, it was sunny with a light breeze and very pleasant to be outside. Tomorrow, we’ll do whatever the birthday boy wants to do. It’s his 70th birthday! We had a surprise party for him earlier in the month, but tomorrow is the official day!

5 thoughts on “Brunswick, GA to Charleston, SC”

  1. Happy Birthday Bob
    We stayed in this campground because my niece lived in Charleston at the time. I remember the smell of the pluff mud at times.

    We took the horse and carriage tour in town.


      What is pluff mud? We have been to Charleston by boat and travel trailer a few time and have toured around the city by bike, car, and on foot. It is such a cool place to walk around in and look at all the architecture.

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