Brookfield, WI to Madison, WI

Monday, June 9, 2014 We woke up early in time to see Kaya go to school. He had gotten up early so he could visit us in the trailer and say “goodbye” to Auggie. Bob and Auggie then walked him to his bus stop.

Later, Anne and Izzy came to say god morning. Izzy just loves our “little house”. We hung out for awhile playing basketball downstairs and making pancakes with Play Dough. Izzy posed for one last picture with me before we got the trailer ready to leave.

We hooked up, said our goodbyes, and pulled out of Anne’s driveway at 10:45, heading for Madison. The short 90 minute ride was enjoyable, although much had changed since our last visit to Wisconsin, except for the beautiful rolling hills.

What hadn’t changed was all the construction and traffic in the city. People say there are only 2 seasons in Wisconsin—winter and construction. There were major changes taking place along the beltline. We realized how much we do NOT miss the traffic or construction!

We arrived at Lake Farm Park Campground at 12:00. It’s a very nice campground and although we’ve ridden our bikes on the bike trail through here when we lived in Madison, we’ve never camped here before.

We set up camp and relaxed a little before leaving to join Bob’s siblings for dinner at his sister Mary’s house. Here are Bob and Auggie doing what they like to do best.

Before arriving at Mary’s house, we stopped to check out our old house and neighborhood. The elderly lady that bought it is taking very good care of it. That always gives us peace of mind. Other than all of the trees growing much larger, things looked pretty much the same and many of our old neighbors still live there. We remembered having to snowblow that driveway and rake all the leaves, but we loved our acre yard and park-like setting. All our dogs loved the yard to have lots of area to run. Auggie would have loved it too!

Everyone that lives in the city was able to join us at Mary’s house. (3 live out of state) There were 12 of us (2 sisters and 3 brothers + spouses), plus a great-niece and nephew. When the Shaws gather we make our own party! We had dinner and enjoyed conversation and some laughs…..lots of laughs! It was so good to see everyone!

We returned to the campground around 10:30 and took Auggie for a walk. The campground was so pitch black, but the moon was 3/4 full. It was peaceful and quiet in camp!

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