Brookfield, WI June 8, 2014

Sunday, June 8, 2014 We enjoyed having Kaya sleepover last night. He had a good night’s sleep on the sofa in the trailer.

We all got up around 7:30. I had a breakfast date with my sister at 8:30, so I left at 8:00 to meet her at the Original Pancake House. Bob and Kaya hung out for awhile in the trailer and then moved into the house once everyone else woke up. I had a great visit with my sister and returned around 10:30. Anne was leaving to go to a dance recital for one of her girls and we passed each other coming and going. After she left, Izzy and I hung out in the basement for a bit while Kaya, James, and Bob played video games. 

James and the kids got ready and we all left to go to the St. John’s Church festival. We got there around lunch time, so everyone got something to eat, but me. I was still full from breakfast.

We walked around the grounds after lunch. First, Izzy had to “meaure up” to see what rides she could go on.

Kaya, Izzy, and James went on lots of rides and Kaya played a few games.

Kaya was an attentive “big brother” to Izzy taking good care of her on the rides.

The church puts on a terrific festival with good food and fun rides. We all had a great time on a beautiful day!

Around 3:30 we headed back home. Anne was already home from her recital and Izzy was ready for a nap. We hung out around the pool for the rest of the afternoon while Izzy tried to nap. Bob and I went back to the trailer to get ready for dinner. Auggie was happy to see us after being gone all afternoon.

Around 5:00, we left to go to dinner at Stir Crazy. We got to choose our own vegetables, sauce, and meat and they stir fry it for you. Everything is so fresh! We all left there bursting at the seams.

Back at the house, James made a nice campfire in the backyard and we made s’mores.

Kaya made the largest s’more we’ve ever seen.

I haven’t had s’mores for a few years, so I had two. They were so yummy!

Anne let me pick some of her rhubarb to take with us. I’ve missed our rhubarb plant from Wisconsin. Rhubarb is very expensive in Florida and not easily accessible, so I took the opportunity to nab some. It was great fun to roast marshmallows and sit around the fire tonight until the mosquitoes came out. We all went back to our trailer, so Kaya and Izzy could see Grandma and Grandpa’s “house” for the last time.

The kids played on the bed with Auggie and said their goodbyes. They said they would miss him a lot. I think he’ll miss them too.

We’ll see Kaya tomorrow before he goes to school, but James has to leave at 7 AM for Racine and we won’t be up at that time. We said our goodbye to James tonight. Tomorrow we’ll have a little time with Izzy and Anne before saying goodbye and heading to Madison for the next three days.

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