Brookfield, WI June 7, 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014 We woke at our usual time and went into the house around 9:00. James was already up making waffles for breakfast. We shared some breakfast with them and then got a tour of Kaya’s bedroom. He had a lot to share with us. Around 10:00 Bob and I got ready for Kaya’s BIG DAY OUT! For Kaya’s birthday in May, we told him we would take him to do whatever he wanted to do. He’s been thinking about it for almost 3 weeks now. It was a very important decision, so he told his mom his ideas and last night he finally decided on miniature golf with lunch at Subway and dessert at Culver’s Custard. We left for the Prairieville Park Miniature Golf Course at 10:30.

We played 18 holes on a very challenging course through water and sand hazzards. I even lost a ball in the river. Oh my!

Bob was the big winner with 71 strokes and Kaya and I tied at 75. We did pretty well for not playing in over 10 years and had a great time doing it!

Bob kept score and I suspect that’s how he won, but no sour grapes here. It was lots of fun!

From there, we went to Subway for lunch where Kaya ate a foot long sandwich! Man, that boy can pack it in! Next door to Subway was a climbing wall place, so we had to take a look inside. We were fascinated by all the different climbing areas they had.

From there we walked to Culver’s for custard which was just across the parking lot. Kaya had a double scoop of vanilla custard with peanut butter sauce and Reese’s peanut butter pieces. He loves peanut butter! I had a small dish of strawberry shortcake custard. We don’t have Culver’s in Florida and I have missed their delicious custard. I don’t know where Kaya put it, but he ate it all! What a special time the three of us had making memories! Back at home we joined Izzy, Becca, and James around the pool. We had to work off some of that lunch! Izzy had on her cute, green and white bikini and had already been in the pool.

She was excited to see us and gave us her best “Izzy smile”.

Kaya and I joined the others in the pool while Anne and Bob worked on assembling the motorized wave cruiser Kaya got for his birthday. Later, Bob and Anne ran to the store to pick up tonight’s dinner while Auggie and I sat around the pool. Auggie scouted around the backyard for anything that moved, while I did some reading and Izzy took a nap. Once Bob and Anne got back with dinner, I did some wash. I went back to the trailer with the clean wash and found Bob and Anne gecko hunting. They were unsuccessful and the gecko went back to his hideout behind the sofa. All of a sudden, the gecko appeared again on the top of the sofa. I grabbed a towel and with a quick swoop, engulfed the gecko in the towel and he was caught. We found a container to keep him in, so Kaya could take him to school on Monday. Grandpa and Kaya created a nice gecko habitat and then began their search for bugs for the gecko’s dinner. They found a few, but who knows if he’ll eat any of them.

Around 5:30, we watched the prerace festivities for the Belmont Stakes and then watched the race at 6:00. It was disappointing that California Chrome didn’t win the Triple Crown. We cheered for him, but to no avail! James cooked dinner and the 7 of us ate pineapple-chicken-teriaki kabobs. It was good! After dinner, the 4 adults, 2 kids, and 2 dogs took a walk to the park. Kaya and Izzy had a blast going down the slides!

Grandpa and I took turns going down the slide with Izzy and Kaya!

We walked back as it was getting dark and the mosquitoes started coming out. Kaya asked if he could sleep in the trailer with us tonight, so we’ll have a sleepover. Kaya brought his Cars 2 movie to the trailer and we enjoyed watching it before bedtime. We all turned in shortly after 10:00. Tomorrow will be our last day at Anne’s and we have a full day of fun planned at the local church festival if the weather is good.

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