Brookfield, WI Day 4

July 26, 2015

We finally got to sleep in! What a treat! Izzy came to visit us in the trailer when she woke up. She likes our “little house”.

Bob made omelets for James, himself, and me. Izzy had some toast with jelly. We talked Izzy into changing out of her pajamas so she could go with Grandpa Bob and Auggie for their morning walk. She went inside and brought her clothes outside with her. She wanted to change clothes in the trailer. I helped her change into a cute little dress and then we had to take her picture…..of course.

Later, she brought me a lovely bouquet of “flowers” for the trailer.

Soon Bob and Anne left for Home Depot to buy a new dryer vent hose. When they returned, Anne helped Bob install it and the dryer worked like new. Now it was time to go for a swim in the backyard pool while the sun was still out. Grandma Cindy took to the pool first and I had it all to myself…. for awhile. James finally joined me, but Anne and Bob thought the water was too cold (78 degrees) to get completely in the water. They sat at the pool’s edge and dangled their feet in the water.

We hung out in the backyard while Auggie prowled around the pool. He didn’t want to get too close. I think he was afraid that I would grab him and put him in the pool with me.

He walked along the fenceline to check out what rabbits, squirrels, or chipmunks he could find.

While we hung out at the pool, Kaya asked his parents to help him set up a lemonade stand. He was diligent and determined, sitting along the road in front of the house to hawk his lemonade. All his determination paid off. He made $5.00 for his efforts in about 2 hours and Izzy was his little helper.

Around mid-afternoon, Bob decided that he wanted to wash the trailer. The front was covered in bugs from all the places we’ve been. James came to help, so I was released from my duties of helping and James became Bob’s right-hand man.

I kept Izzy busy outside while they worked and Auggie kept us company. Izzy discovered that she could stand under the drain on the roof of the trailer and get her hair wet from the water that was running off of the roof. What a silly girl! She loved it!

Bob and James finished washing the trailer in about 45 minutes and then it was time to relax a little before dinner. It had turned cloudy this afternoon, but the temperature was perfect. Some of Anne’s girls from the high school dance team stopped by and Auggie loved all the extra attention.

While we all sat outside, Izzy rode her scooter with a bike helmet that was a little too big, but at least she remembered to wear one. 

She also decorated one of the girl’s sandals with flowers from the garden. Aren’t they pretty?

When it was time for supper, James ordered a couple of pizzas from Toppers for dinner. It was very tasty and everyone was hungry. Bob cleaned up, while Auggie and I took a walk over to Kaya’s old school about 4 blocks away. Every night when we take our walk, Auggie sees rabbits….and there are a lot of them. He is on the lookout for them at every house. We went back to the trailer to watch some TV and relax. Tomorrow we are going to spend the day with Kaya doing what he chose to do for his birthday present. We’ve done this now for birthdays and Christmas presents and we love the special time we get to spend with our grandkids doing what they want to do. It is their special time with us too.

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