Brookfield, WI Day 2

July 24, 2015 Happy 33rd Anniversary to us!

Bob woke up earlier than I did, but I got up before the alarm as well. It was a pleasant day temperature-wise, but the clouds were moving in and there is a good chance of rain tonight. We had an appointment to see an independent living facility, The Regency, in New Berlin this morning at 9:00. This will be the place where Mom and Dad will be living in the coming months, if all goes well. We wanted to check it out while we are in town and had a wonderful tour by Stacy, who is the marketing director. We got to see a couple of different units and all the common areas where they would be spending their free time. It’s a wonderful facility and I know they will like it there.

Once we got back to Anne’s, Bob and Auggie went inside to discuss some plans for the day while I talked to my mom about our tour at the Regency today. Soon Izzy came to visit me in the trailer.

While Bob was in the house, Auggie and their dog, Rosie, got into an altercation and Rosie nipped Auggie. While Bob and Anne went to Home Depot to buy a new dryer, I stayed with Auggie to keep him company and make sure he was ok. He was. I was just being a “mom”. Bob and Anne returned and then it was time to wash the truck. Bob had the help of James and Kaya. It was a family affair!

While they washed the truck, Izzy and I watered the flowers.

Auggie came to sit outside with all of us.

We hung out for the rest of the afternoon and then Bob and I left to go to Serb Hall for a Wisconsin fish fry. That was how I wanted to celebrate our anniversary. We haven’t been there for over 25 years and had to make sure it was still there. 

We enjoyed our dinner, but it wasn’t as good as I remember. From there, we drove past the house that I grew up in from age 12 until I got married. It has changed a little over the years and the trees have gotten much bigger, but it still holds good memories. 

We stopped at Kopps’ Custard on the way home and then went back to the trailer. Bob and I took Auggie for his walk, while James and Kaya went to get haircuts and Anne and Izzy watched TV. We relaxed a little in the trailer until the guys got back. It turned out to be a nice day after all and the sun finally did come out this afternoon.

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