Branson, MO Day 4

August 2, 2015

It was a slow and easy morning. Bob made me his usual Sunday breakfast and we decided to go into Branson and cruise down “the strip”. We tried to do it the day we got here, but it was impossible with the traffic. We surmised that it might be less crowded on a Sunday morning, so that’s what we did. There was noticeably less traffic around the bigger attractions at this time of day.

We drove down the whole “strip” and there was never any problem with traffic. We found ourselves in Historic Downtown Branson and saw a sign for the famous Dick’s 5 and 10, so we decided to stop.

The area was a little more crowded with angled street parking and lots of people walking around.

Dick’s 5 and 10 was a neat little store with a little bit of everything. The items were organized neatly according to theme and it was not as crowded as I thought it would be.

We found some cute little signs for dachshund lovers.

Bob tried on a “burger” hat and looked pretty good, I thought.

We spent about 20 minutes in the store and then took the scenic drive back to the campground crossing Lake Taneycomo and an RV park on the water. The water looked very inviting.

Once we got back to the campsite, we did some cleaning in the trailer and got some things ready for our departure tomorrow. Staying here has been very enjoyable and you can’t beat the price ($21/night with electricity). We would definitely come back again. We hung out until 2:00 when we made the drive to the Yakov Theate for a 3:00 show.

The Acobats of China featuring the New Shanghai Circus was my choice as I had heard many good things about it. We got a special 2 for 1 deal and couldn’t go wrong.

Inside the theater, there was this Chinese Dragon on display in the lobby.

There was also a young woman who was giving a demonstration of a traditional Chinese tea ceremony. It was very interesting to watch. In the theater we had great seats –4th row center. The Acrobats of China put on a fast-paced show showcasing awesome human performance art. 

We saw astonishing aerial and ballet art. This young man, who is eleven years old, had amazing strength and balance and wowed the audience!! He could do unbelievable things with his body. He’s doing the splits while balancing on one arm and twisting his torso around.

There were many examples of human strength and incredible talent.

These were daring feats of balance and strength. In the first picture, she’s balancing by her teeth.

The two hours flew by and the show was over way too soon. The performers waited in the lobby to shake hands and pose for pictures. We made the drive home and caught sight, for the last time, of Table Rock Lake where boaters were still enjoying the last remnants of the weekend.

We grilled burgers for dinner and watched a little TV. It turned out to be a pleasant day if you spent it in the shade. The temps were in the low 90’s. Tomorrow we are leaving for Hot Springs, Arkansas for a few days. We want to get an early start.

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