Bourne, MA to Middletown, NY

We were up early and on our way at 8:30. Traffic was light heading north out of Cape Cod, but already backed up on the bridge coming in. There was boat traffic on the Cape Cod Canal under the bridge as we passed over it. We would miss the aura of Cape Cod, but not all the traffic and people.

It was already 76 degrees with cloudless, blue skies and little wind. Today we traveled through the rolling hills of CT, to the state of NY.

We made a pit stop at a picnic area (no facilities) in MA. (It’s nice to be able to bring along your own bathroom.) Our route today took us through the capitol city of Hartford, CT.

Traffic was light as we passed through downtown.

We caught a quick glimpse of the capitol building…or at least the dome of it.

We ate our lunch on the move so we could continue to make good time. We crossed into NY about 12:30.

We climbed up and over the Fishkill Mountains toward the Hudson River.

We again passed Sing Sing Prison–a serious-looking facility.

It started to cloud up as we crossed over the Hudson River bridge.

It looked very hazy down the river as we crossed the bridge.

Coincidentally, we are staying at Korn’s Campground–the same one we stayed at on the way out to Maine. It just worked out that way. We arrived at Korn’s CG at 2:00 and got set up in our site after stopping for gas just off the Interstate. We didn’t unhook the truck from the trailer so it would be one less thing to do tomorrow morning.

We relaxed and took it easy after our drive today of 269.7 miles. Tomorrow would be a long day too. There happened to be a caravan of 14 Airstreams (“Silver Bullets”) staying in the campground for the weekend. Later, we took Auggie for a walk to see them all gathered in the field where we had our camping site the last time we were here. 

As we ended our walk, we heard thunder off in the distance and dark clouds appeared. The radar showed that we would be getting a thunderstorm soon. Around dinnertime, the sky let loose and it rained hard for awhile. We cooked an “inside” meal because of the rain. The thunderstorm moved on, but it continued to rain most of the night. We took Auggie out when it stopped for awhile and then relaxed for the rest of the evening. We turned in early to get an early start tomorrow.

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