Boothbay, ME to N. Conway, NH

We did some stargazing last night before going to bed. The trees were SO tall that it was so hard to find a hole in the canopy above, so we walked over to the open area where the big bus sites are. It was so dark on the road to get there, that we had a hard time seeing each other. Once in the open we were able to see many stars including the Dipper and other constellations. Last night the temperature got down to the low 50’s. At 3:30 Auggie demanded to get into the bed so he could warm up. He is a little bed weasel. This morning our plan was to leave at 10:00 to avoid the traffic congestion that we experienced the other day. We did just that…..10:04 to be exact. The day was sunny with cottonball clouds dotting the sky. It was 74 degrees with a high of 84 expected today. The road today took us through a few small towns like Brunswick to catch our highway. This cute little stand for Sista’s BBQ caught my eye. 

Naples, ME on Lake Sebago was quite the tourist area.

For a Tuesday, things were really hopping. A paddlewheel boat was just taking people out for a ride on the lake.

We passed the base of the Shawnee Ski Area.

As we climbed up and over hills, we finally caught a glimpse of the White Mountains.

We arrived at our campground, Beach Camping Area, around 1:00.

Tomorrow morning at 8:30, we have an appointment at Camping World just a few miles down the road to get our trailer braking system checked. Bob seems to think we need trailer brakes. Duh! We left the truck and trailer attached to save time in the morning. We did a minimal setup and relaxed at the campsite.

The campground sits in a valley along the banks of the Saco River. Most of the campground is dirt floor due to the flooding by Hurricane Irene last year. The river overflowed and flooded its banks all the way to the office deck. The campground sits under a canopy of tall pine trees and is shady most of the time. It seems to be a popular campground with the locals.

For some reason, we often end up with a campsite near the office. We can see people coming and going and there is lots of action there. Later, we took Auggie for a walk down to the stony beach. We were amazed to see people floating down the Saco (Sock-o) River in tubes, canoes, and kayaks. Hence the name Beach Campground. 

Auggie wasn’t too sure about the water at first.

Then he met some new friends and it changed his mind.

He realized that this was fresh water and ok to drink.

His curiosity got the best of him when he just had to see what was in the water and discovered it was a leaf.

We gave his feet a quick dunk in the water to wash off the sand and returned to our trailer. We enjoyed the afternoon just sitting outside having cocktails before dinner. We are anxious to get some sightseeing done and will, hopefully, be able to get up into the mountains tomorrow after the brakes get checked out. Auggie and I took an evening walk. We watched some of the Olympics and called it a night.

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