Boothbay, ME, Day 3

We took off for a day of exploring around 9 AM. It was a sunny day with temps already in the low 70’s. We never got any rain last night as predicted. Our first destination was the city of Bath, about 20 miles away. We had 2 goals: 1) to see their famous shipbuilding operation and 2) replace our broken cell phone. We first passed through the town of Wiscasset. There was far less traffic on the road today than on Saturday, which was our reason for choosing to go today.

The corner food stand in Wiscasset, Red’s Eats, which drew so much foot traffic on Saturday, was closed at this hour of the morning.

We continued on a few miles into Bath. 

The town of Bath, on the Kennebec River, has been an active shipbuilding center since the early 1600’s. Nuclear naval vessels and large merchant ships are now built at Bath Iron Works.

As you might guess, security was pretty tight and there was no way to get a close look at anything, except from the bridge as we drove by. Darn!

We took a drive through Bath’s Historic District and saw this beautiful building sitting on the top of the hill.

It was the Bath City Hall. What a great looking building! 

On Main St. there were an assortment of shops and other businesses.

We walked down to the marina to check it out. There was an assortment of smaller boats and a couple of larger ones tied to the free city pier.

After leaving there, we found the nearest Verizon Store to get a new cell phone. Ours was not able to be charged anymore, so we needed to get a replacement. Luckily, we were due for a new cell phone upgrade, so that worked out well. We made the transaction and were on our way. It was now lunchtime, so I thought we could stop at Red’s Eats on our way back through Wiscasset. When we came back through town and saw the line at Red’s Eats, just 2 hours later, we said forget it. Too bad! I wanted to see what all the hype was about.

We would try and get something to eat back in Boothbay Harbor. Bob wanted to take a ride back there today, to see what it looked like without the fog. What a difference! The island that was engulfed in fog yesterday, we could see clearly today.

Tour boats for whale and seal watching could be seen leaving the harbor and today they might actually be able to see something.

There was a nice breeze today to provide for a great Windjammer cruise.

There were definitely fewer people in town today milling about.

We could see all the way across the harbor and out to sea.

We stopped for a burger and a beer at the Lobster Dock and watched the boat traffic in the harbor. After awhile, we headed back to the campground and hung out. We took Auggie for a walk and discovered a really cool area of the campground that had a path leading out to an island. We walked around the island and back through another camping section for tents. There were many nice sites with water views. The owner was right–there really aren’t any “bad” sites. They are all very nice. Back at the trailer, I worked on my blog. Bob washed a few dirty windows and did some checking on our propane levels. It was very quiet in the campground today and only a few new campers arrived. We had another lobster and steak dinner and enjoyed our last evening in Maine. Tomorrow we head into the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

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