Bar Harbor to Robbinston, ME

July 10, 2023 We got up and had a leisurely breakfast. Bob made omelets. We packed up and were on the road by 10:00. Randy helped out where he could and wanted to watch our closing-up process. The morning was foggy and muggy. Traffic was light on 2-lane Highway 1. We had 105 miles to go today to get to the town of Robbinston on the Bay of Fundy. I gave Randy my chair in the passenger’s front seat while I sat on the sofa with Auggie. Both of us were belted in. He looked at me like he wondered what I was doing there.

Highway 1 traveled close to the shoreline passing through small towns located at the ends of the inlets. Mary and John left before 9:00, so they were an hour ahead of us. We had many water views where the tide was obviously out.

It was misting lightly and the fog came and went in patches. We entered the town of Cherryfield where we crossed the Nerroguagus River there.

We hit a portion of really rough road that rattled my teeth and a few other things in the motorhome. Farther along, this small section of highway by the Memorial Cemetery was lined with American flags and on the posts were the words of the Pledge of Allegiance.

We crossed over the Machias River in the town of Machias.

There were multiple rapids along this river as it flowed through the middle of the city out to the Atlantic Ocean.

We got a glimpse of the Bay of Fundy and the tide was way out.

We arrived at Hilltop Campground at 12:15 and were given site #12 right next to Mary and John who arrived about an hour before we got here.

It was cloudy and 71 degrees when we arrived. We got all set up and worked on making plans for the next 4 days we would be here. We found this unicorn headband on our picnic table and tried it on Auggie. He didn’t like it very much. It did look cute on him.

We went over to visit with Mary and John in their 5th wheel. Afterwards, we decided to take the campground hostess up on her offer to join them for Happy Hour up in the office area.

There were 7 of the permanent summer residents there who made us feel very welcome. They answered our questions about what to see and do in the area and we answered theirs. They were very friendly! We left there after about an hour and went back to the campsite to make dinner. Bob cooked shish-kabob on the grill with rice pilaf for dinner. Auggie and I went for our walk around the campground after dinner. It was a cool, cloudy evening. Tomorrow we’ll head out to do some exploring of the area.

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