Bar Harbor to Eastport, ME

We got up, ate breakfast and prepared to leave. After hooking up the trailer, we pulled out of our campsite and went to the dump station to empty our tanks. Everything went smoothly and we were on the road at 9:15. We only had 113 miles to go today so there was no need to rush. We took Coastal Highway 1 along the Atlantic Ocean for a scenic ride. 

It is the Maine Scenic Byway and is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs along the water. We had sunny skies, 69 degree temps, and light winds. Perfect! The road took us through some small, quaint towns. One of those towns was Cherryville….”the blueberry capital of the world”. Huh? Shouldn’t the town be called Blueberryville instead? This area of Maine along Machias Bay produces their lucious harvest of blueberries in late July and August. We saw many irrigated blueberry barrens (fields) along the way. 

Machias is home to the Maine Blueberry Company. They had a “help wanted” sign up looking for “rakers”. I would guess that’s how they harvest the fields, but I’ll have to check that out. We arrived at Seaview Campground at 12:00.

We pulled into our site #5 and were set up by 12:30. Our trip today was 120 miles

I made lunch using my own variation of lobster rolls with the left over lobster meat we had from the claws the other night. The rolls were delicious, if I do say so myself! Bob thought so too. After lunch we walked down to the water to take our first look at the Bay of Fundy. The tide was going out with low tide being at 3:05.

High tide was at 9:41 tonight with a tide swing of 18 ft. You can tell by the water marks on the dock poles that the water comes up quite high. 

Here you can see that the water would be way over Bob’s head.

Down at the water’s edge there was a 50′ Chris Craft tied to the dock. The boat’s name was Doc’s Holiday. In talking with the owner about his boat, Bob discovered that he might have met our WI/FL friends, Don and Pam, on their 56′ Jefferson in Cape May….maybe even had dinner with them. How ironic! We’ll have to check with them if they remember the boat, Doc’s Holiday. We sat at the shore for awhile just taking in the view. 

Auggie got a chance to explore….climbing, crawling, and poking his head into every hole he could find.

We returned to the campsite and enjoyed the afternoon watching more campers arrive. It was a gorgeous afternoon–warm sunshine, blue skies, 68 degrees, and a light breeze off the water. It reminded me of a beautiful fall day in WI. Bob put up our decorative flamingo lights for the first time. (We finally bought some clips to hang them.) The “girls” looked great hanging there from our awning.

Tomorrow we’ll spend the day exploring the town of Eastport, the eastern-most city in the U.S. We had cocktails before dinner and Bob grilled some lamb chops. I hope to get a view of some stars in the night sky. There isn’t too much ambient light to disturb the darkness. We had a campfire and enjoyed our evening in Seaview Campground.

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