Bar Harbor, ME Day 7 Northeast Harbor

July 2, 2023 We had rain overnight and we woke to fog in the campground. We had a leisurely morning and had plans to take a drive to Northeast Harbor. Northeast Harbor has been a quiet enclave for the rich and famous, including the Rockefeller family at one time. It is the largest village and main commercial area. We took Highway 3 to 198 and then Sargeant Dr. Sargeant Dr. took us along the coast of Somes Sound. Somes Sound is 5-miles long and one of only a few U. S. fjards (fjords)–glacially carved valleys covered by the sea. It would have been a beautiful drive if it had been clear. We did see someone out sailing and a motorboat cruising by. Northeast Harbor has a marina and many cottages along the waterfront, but it was too foggy to see.

We pulled into town and headed for the downtown area. Downtown has a number of shops, galleries, and restaurants.

We walked along the street checking out the shops. Mary was on the lookout for a special kind of buoy.

Across the street from the shops was the Great Harbor Maritime Museum.

Out front was this creation made with mussel shells. We weren’t quite sure what it was supposed to be, but it was creative.

There was also a huge anchor laying on the ground outside. What size ship did that come from?

We passed this plant that was in a pot outside one of the shops. We had never seen a plant like this before. It was growing on a long trunk.

We checked out the Nor’easter Restaurant for lunch which was located by the water, but decided on The Colonel’s Restaurant and Bakery which was in town.

Bob and I shared the chili nachos (our favorite). Mary had a bowl of clam chowder and John had a bowl of chili. All of it was very good and Mary went home with a doggie bag. We left town and by then it was raining. I got these pictures between the windshield wiper swipes.

We drove back along the coast and with the rain it became a little clearer with the rain. At least we could see some definition to things.

On the drive back, we stopped at this lobster place called 207 Lobster where Bob saw a sign for lobster at $6.85 a pound, so we went to check it out.

They were selling hard and soft-shelled lobsters in the shell OR you could buy the fresh lobster meat already picked from the shell. We bought 5 lbs. of meat to eat however we chose to.

We got back to the campground around 2:30 and it continued to rain all afternoon. Auggie stepped out to do his business for a few minutes when we got home, but that was it. Bob and I had leftovers and waited for the rain to end so we could take Auggie for his evening walk. It never stopped raining before dark, so we did a quick walk in the rain with an umbrella and Auggie made it a quick walk. We watched TV and stayed warm and cozy inside.

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