Bar Harbor, ME Day 4 Schoodic Peninsula

June 29, 2023 Bob got up earlier than I did and said that we were really socked in by the fog. By the time I got up, visibility was better. We did some business and made plans for the day. We would be taking the drive to the Schoodic Peninsula. The Schoodic Peninsula is the only part of Acadia National Park that is on the mainland. It is located east of Mount Desert Island where the other section of the park is located and is more secluded. It is about an hour’s drive from the campground. John did the driving today and we stopped at the camp store to pick up our lobster roll for lunch.

Bob placed an order for our lobster roll this morning and they had it ready to be picked up at 11:00.

We took Highway 3 to Ellsworth and then Highway 1 south along the coast. The fog hampered our view of the far shoreline, but up close we could see that the 10 foot tide was out.

We passed through the small town of Winter Harbor and picked up Highway 186 to the park entrance. This food stand was located on the corner in town. It was a great location!

We picked up the one-way loop road that runs counter-clockwise in the park and started our self-guided driving tour. Our first stop was Frazer Point at Mosquito Harbor. At Frazer Point, there were many wild roses growing along the shore.

John and I walked out on the pier to get a better view of the area.

There were some guys at the end of the pier doing some fishing.

The bright green foliage was a stark contrast to the bleached out piece of driftwood resting on the shore. The fog obscured the island behind me.

Continuing along the shoreline. we got glimpses of the rocky shoreline.

Waves were rolling in, creating a foamy white edge on the far rocky shore.

All along the coastline, the rocks changed sizes, shapes, and colors in different areas.

Even with fog hanging in the background, the scenery was beautiful. Even though we couldn’t always see it clearly, we could hear the waves crashing against the shore.

Some of the waves were huge.

We reached our 1/2 way mark around the peninsula at Schoodic Point and ate our lunch there.

People were walking among the rock shelves, walking very close to where the waves were crashing against the rocks.

I had to go near those waves just the hear their power.

There was a narrow channel where the waves were rushing in like “Thunder Hole”, but this one made no thundering sound.

We were having a great time watching the power of the waves.

We got closer, but not close enough to get wet.

We noticed this long line of black rocks caused by magma moving through a crack in the granite rocks and then cooling over time. It was quite unusual to see.

I stood there quite awhile watching the waves come crashing in, sending spray into the air. It was awesome!

We left there to finish the drive on the loop road which took us past Blueberry Hill where wild blueberries grow in season.

We saw about 6 seagulls taking a bath in a pool of water while this guy stood watch over them.

The rest of the drive along the Schoodic Harbor was scenic.

We passed Wonsqueak Harbor and Birch Harbor before making our way back to Ellsworth. We made a stop at the Goodwill Store so Mary and Bob could buy a couple of kitchen items. Our next stop was at this cute little place that we had spotted just outside the campground to check out the colorful buoys.

They had buoys in every color combinations that you might want. It would be hard to make up your mind.

John took my picture as a lobster.

I took Mary and John’s picture as a crab and a moose, Bull and Pinch.

Mary took a picture of Bob and I as blueberries. We were having lots of fun and lots of laughs.

Back at the campground, we couldn’t miss this photo opportunity.

We had a great day touring the Schoodic Peninsula even with the fog. I’m sure it would be twice as spectacular under clear, blue skies and sunshine, but it was beautiful just the same. The fog had started to lift on our drive back, so we had a clearer view of some of the surrounding areas. Back at the campsite, there was no threat of rain in the evening forecast so things are improving. We enjoyed a cocktail outside with Auggie before dinner. The fog seemed to start rolling in as the sun set, but we took our evening walk without the threat of rain. We made plans to do some biking tomorrow since the weather forecast has been improving.

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  1. Wish the weather would improve for you but you’re getting some great pix and experiences anyway. We tent camped at Seawall years ago.


      We are enjoying the cooler weather compared to 90 degrees and high humidity at home. We haven’t had rain for a couple of days, so that has been nice to be able to do some bike riding.

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