Bar Harbor, ME Day 14 Biking in Acadia with Randy

July 8, 2023 This is our last day in the Bar Harbor area and we’ve been here so long, that it feels like home. There is so much to do here and each time we visit, we find more things to do and explore. The morning was foggy and cloudy to start. We set the alarm for 7:00 so we could leave at 9:00. We made a reservation to pick up a rental bike in town for Randy to do a bike ride with us on the Carriage Roads on our last day here. Mary and John stopped by to pick up Randy at 9:00 because John would carry the extra bike in his truck. Bob and I followed in the Jeep with our bikes. We all drove into town to pick up Randy’s rental bike at Bar Harbor Bicycle Shop. The check-in process was fast and easy. We put the bike in the back of John’s truck and left.

We were driving to the parking lot near Upper Hadlock Pond to hop on the Mountain Loop Carriage Road there. When we arrived at the lot, there were many cars parked on the side of the road, so we knew that small parking lot was full. We unloaded the bikes and hopped on the trail.

The sun finally came out and the fog cleared for a great day of riding. The first time we rode this trail earlier this week, it was cloudy and rained part of the way. Today was 100% better. We got a better look at some of the scenery today that we passed by quickly when it was raining the other day.

Randy was riding a hybrid road bike and the rest of us were on E-bikes.

There were long stretches of up and down, but we stopped often on the ornate stone bridges to catch out breath and take a better look around.

The rivers were flowing under most of the bridges creating falls along the way.

We had a great time checking things out for the second time. We stopped often to take in the amazing views, check the map, or to pick blueberries.

The loop took us around 4 mountain peaks and along Jordan Pond. From up above, we had a clear view of Somes Sound today.

At one point, we had a disagreement as to which way we had to go to get back to the parking lot. Two went on ahead in one direction. Three of us reluctantly followed until we realized we were going the wrong way, so Randy left this sign for Bob and John to follow.

We all ended up going in the right direction and found our way back to our vehicles. We had a great day riding in Acadia National Park today on the Mountain Loop Carriage Road.

Once we were loaded up, we headed back to the bike shop to return the bike. $35 for an entire day was definitely a bargain. On our way back to the campground, we stopped at 207 Lobster to buy more lobster meat before we left tomorrow. At the campground, we stopped in the camp store to get Randy a lobster roll and onion rings for lunch ($19.99). While Randy ate his lunch, Bob and I took the bikes off the rack on the Jeep at the campsite. Then Bob removed the rack, so I could use the Jeep to make a quick run to Walmart for a few last minute items. Bob and Randy moved the bike rack to the back of the motorhome and then loaded the bikes for our departure tomorrow. We hung out in the afternoon, made some phone calls, and just relaxed after our workout today. The 3 of us went back to have lobster at Downeast Lobster Pound where we had dinner before. Randy picked out his lobster for dinner. You can’t beat the price for a lobster dinner here at $14.99.

Randy and Bob played a little cornhole while we waited to be called that our dinner was ready.

When we left the restaurant, Bob saw that someone had left a duck for us on the Jeep. We haven’t gotten a new duck in awhile, so I was surprised and excited. We drove a short distance and then Bob stopped because he noticed another duck on the hood. So today, we got two new ducks for our collection. For those of you who don’t know, Jeep owners do this thing called “Duck, duck Jeep” where they leave a plastic duck on your Jeep if they like your vehicle. There is a website that you go to once you’ve been “ducked” and you post a picture of your Jeep to share with others. The only rule of Jeep ducking is kindness and a desire to put a smile on someone’s face and surprise them. You buy rubber ducks to keep in your Jeep, then randomly put them on other peoples’ Jeeps as you see fit. You can also re-gift one that was left for you. It is a lot of fun and always a nice surprise. Then you look around and wonder who left that duck for you.

We got back to the campground and stopped at the camp store for an ice cream before heading back to the campsite. These are 3 cool carved statues that stand in front of the camp store. They stand 15 feet tall. Someone is very talented.

Auggie and I took our walk and then we all relaxed with some TV. Tomorrow, we leave to go further north in Maine near the Bay of Fundy with Mary, John, and Randy. We have spent 2 weeks here near Bar Harbor and have had such a wonderful time!

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