Bar Harbor, Day 3

We had a leisurely morning and then got ready to head to town about 9:30. We parked the car on West Street and walked a half a block to Bridge St. which took us down to the water. 

We arrived at 10:30 in order to do the Bar Island Walk at low tide. The shell-covered sand bar goes from Bridge Street to Bar Island (less than a mile).

As we walked across the bar, we took notice of the mussels, snails, barnacles, and other ocean life that was left there when the tide went out.

Once we got across to the island, we had a great view of West’s Street’s Millionaire’s Row.

We took the mile walk up the wooded path to the island’s highest point. It gave us a wonderful view back at the town of Bar Harbor.

By the time we headed back to the mainland, more people were arriving and the bar was covered with other scavengers.

This family set up a place like they were enjoying a day at the beach. I guess they were going to “catch some sun” and wait for the tide to come in.

We walked back up to Main Street where we located the beginning of the Shore Path at town pier near Agamont Park.

This narrow path follows the seawall, bordered by beach roses, along the shore of Frenchman’s Bay.

Less than a mile long, the path offers a striking view of the Atlantic and the Porcupine Islands to the left.

To the right, we were bordered by gorgeous, sprawling homes and inns. At low tide, the rocky areas were exposed.

Balance Rock, which is about halfway along the path, is 8 ft. high and 12-15 ft. long. Bob tried to get it to lose its balance, but to no avail. Someday it will lose its balance all on its own, but who knows when.

The views were spectacular of the islands and the boats traveling across the water.

The walk brought us back up to Main Street where we looked for someplace to eat lunch. We were looking for a restaurant that served a good lobster roll. That’s a toasted bun filled with lettuce and lobster. Bob spotted the Acadia Pizza and Sub Shop where the lobster roll was on special today. It hit the spot!

After lunch, we stopped at the Christmas Shop to get a Christmas ornament to remember our trip to Maine. I found a nice lobster one! What a surprise! We paused for a picture “op” with this crazy lobster!

We stopped to pay for our whale watching trip on Wednesday and headed back to the car. We had a great day in town! As we passed Bridge Street for the second time at around 1:30, we saw that the tide had started to come in and cover a good portion of the bar. What a difference a few hours makes!

We had to drive down to the bar and take a better look. The bar was now only partly visible and people were starting to return to shore before they got trapped on the island if the tide got too high. 

It was only 3 hours later, but the tide was clearly coming in fast. High tide was at 5:00. The bar would soon be completely covered. The signs warn you not to stay too long.

Back at the campsite, we relaxed and did some trip planning for the next portion of our trip. We made a light dinner and watched a little TV, before taking our evening walk with Auggie. He looks forward to that every night. You can tell by the pictures that the weather has been absolutely perfect….highs in the 80’s, sunny blue skies, and lows in the 50’s-60’s. No rain in sight! We couldn’t ask for more!

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