Bar Harbor, Day 2 July 2012

It was a cooler morning than we’ve experienced since we left. We left a couple of windows open last night and it was a little cool in the trailer when we got up. Bob turned on the heat just to take the chill out of the air. I guess I might have to put a blanket on the bed tonight. The temp in the trailer was 60 and the high today is expected to be 78. This is such a nice change from the 90’s we’ve been having. Bob cooked a special bacon and eggs breakfast for our first morning here. We did our morning routine and made plans for our day today. It was a cloudless day with a light breeze. We left the campground at 9:30 and drove back to the KOA to check on availability. We drove with the windows open to catch the breeze. It felt really good. The KOA is closer to the water, but more crowded with less of a woodsy feel. We decided to stay an additional 3 days at our present campground to enjoy more of what the area has to offer. We will have to leave our present site S56 and move to A4 in a different area of the park, but that’s ok–at least we can stay. We picked up some firewood at a little wayside stand and drove back to the campground. 

Back at the campground, we checked out our new site to make sure it was ok and reserved it until Sunday. We dropped off our bundles of wood at our site and took the drive to the city of Bar Harbor. We have a couple of these at our campground. Does anyone recognize what they are? They are pretty obsolete.

On the way there, we saw a lobster pound restaurant where they were boiling water for the lobsters. They weren’t open yet, but we stopped to look anyway.

We passed an area where the tide had gone out. The tide swing today was 11′.

This is where the boat can reach the pier at high tide. Quite amazing!!

We continued on into Bar Harbor and parked on Cottage St. in town. From there we walked down Cottage St. to Main Street. We passed a beautiful building that was the Quimby House Inn. Many large old homes seem to be converted to inns and bed and breakfasts. 

Farther down the street, there was an old theater—The Criterion. It had a great old marquee.

Here two old buildings were set in front of the Route 66 Restaurant. It was a very cool arrangement.

Down on Main Street, the first building had an eagle carved out of wood on the front. The restaurant two doors down, Geddy’s, had 2 giant lobster claws sticking out of the front of the building.

From there, we walked down to the waterfront and Agamont Park. From the top of the hill, we could see a huge yacht at the town pier and all the lobster boats moored out in the bay.

Bob could get his boat “fix” from here and would be contented for awhile. We got a good view of the sand bar that stretches out to Bar Island (less than a mile). We plan on doing the walk out there tomorrow (at low tide) since it’s totally covered up at high tide. Many people were out there looking for sea treasures.

A 4-masted 151′ Schooner was docked at another pier waiting to take people out on a sailing tour.

With “everything lobstah” around here, I had to get into the act.

In the harbor, some kids were enjoying themselves down at the water’s edge. There was a lot of beach with the tide out.

We walked down Main Street to check out the shops and eateries. It was still early and the streets were just beginning to fill with tourists. As you looked down Main Street, you could see the mountains in the distance.

This First National Bank had a wonderful WORKING clock built on the outside of the building. It was very ornate!

We stopped on the grocery store for a few items before leaving town and heading back. This bronze moose statue sat out in front of this hotel. This might be the only moose I see up close, but I HOPE not.

On the drive back, we got a good view of Eastern Bay from the road. It was so BLUE!

We were back at the campsite at 1:00 where we relaxed in the sun and enjoyed the solitude. Bob did some reading and worked on polishing the truck wheels.

I also cleaned the front of the travel trailer and did some writing for the blog.

Auggie tried to find those elusive mountain squirrels (about 1/2 the size of a regular squirrel) and rested in the shade of the picnic table.

Around 3:30, we drove into Ellesworth to get a part for the trailer hitch that Bob needed to do a repair on. From there, we stopped in Trenton, the closest town to the campground, to eat at the Down East Lobster Pound Restaurant for dinner.

We spotted it on our drive in yesterday. You could buy a live lobster and take it home to cook it. There were many different sizes to choose from. 

For $15.99 you get a 1# whole lobster, ear of corn, cole slaw, a roll, and drawn butter.

We donned our lobster bibs and dug in. It was sweeeeet and delicious….butter went dribbling down our chins!

Bob was determined to eat lobster until it was coming out of his ears, so this would be a good place to start.

Back at the campsite we relaxed as the sun went down behind the trees. Sunset around here is 8:15, but sunrise is around 5:15. Auggie and I took a long walk around the campground. When we got back, Boy Scout Bob made us a roaring fire.

We hung out around the firepit until the mosquitoes started to attack Bob. Then we went inside to watch a little TV before bed. It was a great day in the north woods!

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