August 9, 2021 Montgomery, AL Gunter Hill CG, Day 3

ANT INVASION! We woke up to find ants inside the bus. LOTS of ants around the trash can. In doing some investigating, Bob discovered they were coming in from the outside lower compartments of the bus. He went to the Dollar Store down the road and they didn’t have what we needed to rid ourselves of the ants, so we jumped in the Jeep and drove 14 miles into Prattville to the closest Walmart. We had a very short list of groceries and got the ant baits we needed. Bob proceeded to set out the liquid baits in the compartments and I did my best to clean out the garbage cans and anything else that could be an ant attractant inside the bus. Now we wait and let the baits do their work. We’ll give you an “ant report” tomorrow. I took a bike ride around the campground and counted 17 sites that were occupied by campers. That’s surprising for this time of year and for such a nice campground. The temperature rose to a steamy 87 degrees before lunch and continued to rise throughout the afternoon to over 90. Bob made some phone calls and did some Co-op business for a good portion of the afternoon.

He also noticed that the GPS wasn’t working when he tried to set up a route yesterday, so he had to diagnose that problem. He called the manufacturer and found out that it had some kind of power spike the other day and it rebooted itself. In doing so, it didn’t load that piece of software because it isn’t part of the package, so Bob had to install it again. The technician had to walk Bob through it and they got it working again. We also worked on cleaning the inside of the windows in the bus. We haven’t done them in…forever… and they needed it! Later in the afternoon, the weather radar told us that it was the time of day when pop-up showers begin appearing. As fast as they popped up, they disappeared, but right before dinner it did rain for quite awhile. Bob was able to cook on the grill under the awning again and after dinner, Auggie and I were able to take our walk after the rain had passed. The rain made everything look so lush and green.

It was still pretty steamy outside, but we enjoyed our walk around the campground. Auggie got his favorite treat after our walk and we relaxed with some TV. It was a laid back kind-of-day, but we were able to accomplish some things that needed to be done.

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