August 9, 2020 Pueblo Lake State Park, CO (Day 3)

It was a very windy morning and it looked like it might deter people from going out on the lake, but not for long. The winds died and the people were out on the water in no time. We made plans yesterday to do a 4WD trail today, Phantom Canyon Road, but after looking at the Youtube video a second time, we decided there were too many shelf roads with sheer drop-offs and no guardrails. Scrap that plan and on to Plan B. We decided to drive into Pueblo and check out the historical Riverwalk.

At first I thought it followed along the Arkansas River, but after a little bit of research, I discovered that it is set along a man-made canal designed after the San Antonio Riverwalk.

We parked the car and walked across the bridge and went down to the river. It was 11:00 on a Sunday when we arrived and there were very few people out and about. We walked along most of the Riverwalk on both sides of the river.

There were a couple of restaurants and outdoor cafes along the route. but there wasn’t much else.

We did see a waterfall, a cool statue of fighting eagles, and a fountain of children having a water fight with hoses–with real water coming out of them.

They did have a water taxi and some duck pedal boats for people to enjoy.

After about an hour, we had finished our walk. We were ready to search out a place to view the Arkansas River. High on a hill overlooking the river, we could see it.

It ran along a huge railroad yard in town. On the track sat an old Sante Fe engine and railroad car next to the old train station.

We decided to head back the way we came and discovered the streets downtown to be deserted. It was almost eerie, but it was a Sunday.

We headed back to the campground with a quick stop for lunch at Sonic Drive-in. On the way back into the park, we stopped to check out the Lake Pueblo State Wildlife Area.

The road was gravel out to a point where we had a better view of the end of the lake. There were lots of people out on the lake.

Back at the campground, it had emptied out after the weekend. It was a very warm day by now around 98, so I sat outside with Auggie for a little while in the shade until we both got too warm and had to come inside. We bought our tickets to visit the Royal Gorge tomorrow. Online tickets are a little cheaper, but we can use them anytime. We hung out in the AC watching a movie for the rest of the afternoon. Tomorrow is supposed to be a little cooler, so that will be good for visiting the Gorge. Auggie and I took our evening walk around the campground which is very empty. I walked along the path that runs along the top of the ravine where all the boats hung out earlier this weekend, but it was also empty. The boaters were clearing off the lake and the water looked like glass.

The evening was cooling off and the lake was quiet and peaceful. The sunset was beautiful as every sunset is to me.

The clouds blocked most of the sun as it set, but the rays colored the clouds across the lake.

The cloud behind these hills glowed pink in the light of the setting sun, but it didn’t show up as pink as it looked to the naked eye.

After the sun set and most of the light was gone, this part of the sky glowed pink for a very long time. Beautiful!

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