August 9, 2018 Fish Creek, WI (Day 4)

I had some issues with my blog that I had to resolve this morning.  We did so much touring around yesterday that I was just too tired to figure out the problems and finish the blog last night. Sorry about that!  We wanted to take the car ferry over to Washington Island today, but after calling the ferry office this morning, we were told there was an hour wait to get on the ferry.  We were getting a late start anyhow, so we adjusted our plans and decided to skip Washington Island and just do the Cana Island Lighthouse and Bailey’s Harbor.  We left the campground around 11:00 and took the drive across the peninsula to Bailey’s Harbor.
The main intersection in town brings you right to the town marina.  It looked pretty full.
We drove out of town on the scenic rural highway that leads to Cana Island.
From a distance, we could see the island.  The spit of land that connects the island to the mainland was awash with waves from both directions due to the windier conditions today.
We could see the top of the lighthouse poking up through the trees.
Once we arrived at our destination, we noticed that they added a new parking lot.  That was very much needed. They also had a wagon that carried people across the isthmus.  In the past, we always walked across.  Today, we even wore our special water sandals to make the trek, but Bob was worried about the depth of the water and getting wet, so we hitched a ride in the wagon.

As we were riding across, we met a family walking back from the island.  If it wasn’t too deep for them, then I could walk it.  I decided to walk across on the way back.
Once we got across the isthmus, we bought tickets to visit the lighthouse ($12 each).
We took the short walk to the lighthouse and began our self-guided tour of the area.  
Cana Island Lighthouse

Bob didn’t want to walk up the 97 stairs to the top of the lighthouse (afraid of heights), so I made the climb myself.  After a short history of the lighthouse, we were instructed to start the climb.  I was in a group of about 15 people.  This is a view out of one of the lighthouse port holes that shows the path to the lighthouse below.  It was an easy walk to the top.
                                At the top, I had a 360 degree view of the area around us.

I asked a man who made the climb with me to take my picture.  He was kind enough to do so.
After enjoying the view for awhile, I started my descent.  The walk down was easy.  The light and the holes in the stairs made an interesting spiral design.
This is one of my favorite lighthouses and I have been here many times, but this is the first time that I’ve been able to climb up in it.  I have seen the living quarters, but never been able to make the climb because it was closed or under renovation.  Now that the renovation has been completed, it was open for tours again.  Lucky me!

I met Bob and we walked around the grounds and out to Lake Michigan before stopping at the new restrooms and heading back.

I started my walk back over the isthmus and Bob waited for the wagon.

It was an easy walk in the sand and the water wasn’t very cold at all.  I waited for Bob on the other side.  Unfortunately, the wagon was on my side.  Bob didn’t want to wait for the wagon to return, so he made the walk across the isthmus without any problem.  We left there and drove back into Bailey’s Harbor.  We drove through town to see all the changes there also.  The town had some nice additions and made some needed improvements.  When I first noticed this tree, I thought how perfect it was.  Upon closer inspection, it wasn’t a tree at all, but a cell tower made to look like a tree.
We had to stop for a beer at the Blue Ox, a favorite place in Bailey’s Harbor.  

It’s a cool bar with an amazing collection of antiques, inside and out.  

Bob talking with the owner
We sat outside on the porch with Babe, the Blue Ox and Paul Bunyan.  
From the porch, we had a great vantage point to see all the action going on in town.
We took the drive back to Fish Creek and hung outside with Auggie for the rest of the afternoon.
It was a beautiful day–80 degrees, sunshine, and a light breeze.  Absolutely perfect!
After dinner, Auggie and I took our evening walk a little earlier tonight.  We wanted to be back in time to watch the Packer game.  Auggie relaxed with us on the sofa while we got ready to watch the game.
Tomorrow we leave for 6 days in Milwaukee/Brookfield for my dad’s 90th birthday on August 15.  We’ll visit with my sister and her family and my brother is coming into town from California for the celebration.  We’re camping with the trailer in Anne’s (Bob’s daughter) driveway and we’ll be able to spend some time with the grandkids too.  It will be a busy 6 days!  Until then……………………… ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL??  GO PACK GO!!!!


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