August 8, 2021 Montgomery, AL–Gunter Hill CG, Day 2

We slept well last night and woke up relieved to know we didn’t have to move anywhere today. The sun came out after the rain we had yesterday and the temp was a pleasant 77 degrees. Bob is going to put my fold-up bike together, so I can take a bike ride through the park. We had our usual Sunday breakfast and I put in another load of wash before taking a bike ride around the campground to see who was still here. The campground is pretty empty and the reservation tags displayed on the posts showed that many were leaving today. I stopped at the overlook deck to see what I could see.

It was a nice view of the river in both directions, but not much was happening. On my walk back to my bike, I noticed this spider sitting in his web above me. He was huge…and I DON’T like spiders!!! Here is the spider I saw. His body was as big as my thumbnail. Eek!

I rode around our loop in the campground and checked out the campsites that would have good rivers views, in case we returned to this campground in the future. Bob watched his usual Sunday show and worked on some Co-op business. When I got back, Bob showed me a spider that was hanging out at our campsite. Yikes! It doesn’t make me want to walk in the woods. There is also poison ivy in the woods here, so I am very careful where I walk.

I did my last load of wash and would be good for another week or two. Later, Bob, Auggie, and I took a drive around the rest of the campground into the Antioch Loop. It is not as developed as the one we’re in. The other loop only has electric and water, so there seemed to fewer campers there. We also stopped at the boat launch. The drop into the water was very steep.

Near the boat launch, I spotted this bridge. We went to look at it and it was a bridge that was built over a pipe that carried water. We saw it again in another location in the park. The bridge was in pretty bad shape.

We got some good views of the river from a couple of campsites.

After looking around, we drove the mile from the campground to the Dollar Store for a few items. On our way back, we stopped at the local racetrack located just outside the entrance to the campground. This was an interesting piece of artwork that someone did on the bus parked at the entrance.

Bob said he heard motorcycles racing there last night. It was an oval track and we were surprised it was paved, not a dirt track. Nothing was going on there today.

We got back to the campground and just chilled. It was nice to do NOTHING! We had a leisurely afternoon and Bob cooked swordfish for dinner on the grill. We took our usual walk around the campground in the evening when the temperatures started to cool off. It was a relaxing day.

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