August 8, 2020 Pueblo Lake State Park, CO (Day 2)

We both got to sleep in with no definite plans for our day ahead. After breakfast, we made our reservations for the rest of our trip home, so we could check that off of the “to-do” list. Then we planned some things that we wanted to do for the rest of our time here. The lake, or more accurately, reservoir was starting to get active with boat traffic early in the morning. (The reservoir has a maximum depth of 135 ft.)

Today, we wanted to check out the reservoir, 2 marinas, Pueblo Dam, and the 2 other campgrounds. We drove through our campground first, the Northern Plains Campground.

We saw this unique camper in our campground with its own “porch”. We have been seeing more and more of these types of the off-road trailer campers.

From there, we drove to the North Shore Marina.

We walked on the main dock to check out the boats and get a better view of the action on the water. It was a busy place.

We could see Pikes Peak from there.

Juniper Breaks is another campground on this side of the reservoir, but there are no electrical hookups there. There is also a fishing pier and picnic area. Fishing is good in the lake with many different kinds of fish for the taking.

From there, we got a different view of the reservoir. This reservoir is fed by the Arkansas River.

Juniper Drive goes around the lake, so we started our drive. We got some great views of the lake on our drive to the other side.

There is also a paved bike path that runs from the north side to the south side around the lake. With a temp of 100 degrees, there weren’t any people using it this afternoon.

The lake has 4 or 5 areas where there is nice beach access. Rock Canyon Swim Beach is the main swimming area.

We got a view of Pueblo Dam as we approached the other side of the lake.

The terrain around the lake was interesting with rocky bluffs and outcroppings.

We could see a sandy island near one of the beach areas. Supposedly, there isn’t any swimming in the lake except at the Rock Canyon Swim Beach in the state park. Only wading is permitted and you must make sure your feet are always in contact with the soil.

The dam on the east side of the lake is massive.

We went to check out the South Shore Marina where they have pontoon boat rentals.

From there, we drove through the Arkansas Point Campground.

This one does have electrical hookups and good views of the lake. There were campsites available in all 3 campgrounds. None of them were full, but the boat launches were busy with people enjoying the water in all sorts of ways on such a hot day.

There is a large beach area there.

It is a very pretty drive around the lake.

When we got back to our campsite, I gave Bob a haircut outside. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon in the AC. The clouds in the area looked like they were dropping rain, but none of it was making it to the ground. They need rain badly, but it wasn’t happening.

Near our campsite is a ravine filled with water where boaters like to hang out. It seems to be a popular place to hang out for the day.

People started to return from their day on the lake. We grilled chicken for dinner and took our walk after the sun went down. We waited for things to cool off a bit.

We finished our walk just around sunset and it was beautiful tonight. It looked like things were on fire.

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