August 7, 2019 Bar Harbor, ME (day 4)


We were both tired from our activities yesterday, so we slept in,  Once we got up, I made us blueberry pancakes for breakfast. We decided to leave on the Island Explorer shuttle for Bar Harbor at 10:20.  The bus stop is right at the campground office.

It was a cool morning of 63 degrees and foggy in Bar Harbor, although the sun started to peek out a little here.  We packed our fleeces in the backpack and hopped on the bus for our 20-minute ride to Bar Harbor with a few stops along the way.   We got off at the Village Green in the center of downtown at 10:40.  

We decided that our first order of business was to walk down Main Street to the harbor town pier.  

On our walk, a few places looked familiar to us from our visit in 2011.  There were also some really cool, old buildings with beautiful architecture.

The tide was definitely out by the look of the Stewman's Lobster Pound overlooking Frenchman Bay.

We walked along West St. as it paralleled the waterfront.  Our mission was to walk across the "land bridge" that forms when the tide is out.  The Bay Walk took us to Bridge St. and the Bar Island Path where everyone seemed to be headed.

We walked down to the shore and took the infamous walk across the land bridge to Bar Island.  

Walking on the ocean floor, we saw snails, a molted crab shell (the eyes are still there), a few other shells, and some barnacles.

The shell hunters were out and the fog was rolling in engulfing the boats at anchor. 

We walked all the way across to Bar Island and it was hard to believe that in a few short hours this would all be underwater. Looking back at the mainland, you could see the steady stream of people making the crossing.

From the island, we could see all the beautiful mansions that are normally hidden from the roadside view.

We walked back to Main St. and popped in and out of a few shops, purchasing a few things for ourselves.  I love the statue of this cute puffin.

It was about 11:30 when we searched out the Thirsty Whale for lunch.

We shared a lobster roll (of course), a cup of clam chowder, and a whale salad (a Greek salad named by the Greek owner).

By the time we left, there were people lined up outside waiting to get a table.  We had one more place to check out–the Cool-As-A-Moose shop, as we finished our walk around the Village Square.

We decided to take the 1:00 shuttle back to the campground.  The breeze turned cool with the fog rolling in and we were glad to have our fleeces with us.  We chose to go to town today to avoid the cruise ship passengers that will be arriving at 8:00 AM tomorrow in Bar Harbor.  The campground was quiet when we got back at 1:30, so we enjoyed the peace and solitude for the rest of the afternoon.  We had grilled steak for dinner.  Yes, I did say steak.  We had our lobster quota for the day eating lunch today.  (My IT guy responded to my plea for help with my blog issues and we hope to have everything fixed in a short time. Talkspot, my website creator, has been phenomenal with providing technical support throughout the 11 years that we've been with them.  I can't say enough good things about them.)  We relaxed with some TV and took our evening walk.    Around 9:15, the predicted wind and rain arrived with a little thunder and lightning.  Within 10 minutes, the satellite TV lost its signal and then the power went out at the campground.  At least the 12-volt lights in the trailer still worked, so we had lights.  I went to bed to read,(thanks Lynnelle for the book, Baby Teeth, and Bob stayed up awhile to listen to some music on his I-phone.  Around 10:00, we both called it a night.  Tomorrow would be a busy day with a drive to Southwest Harbor.


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