August 7, 2018 Fish Creek, WI (Day 2)

The morning temperature was a cool 61 degrees and the sun was out.  Our plan today was to take a drive up the peninsula going all the way to the end.  We left Fish Creek Campground around 10:00 and headed north.  The next town was Ephraim.  We descended the big hill into town.
We got a view of the harbor and the familiar twin spires of Ephraim.

                                                 The harbor was busy with activity.  
Across from the boat launch is the Volunteer Fire Department Museum–a very cool, old building built into the hill.
One of my favorite places for ice cream in Ephraim is Wilson’s Restaurant.  I can’t leave Door County without making a stop there.  It’s a must!  
Wilson’s Restaurant
The iconic rocky bluffs can be seen from shore in many areas.
We left Ephraim and our next town heading north was Sister Bay–one of the larger and busier towns on the peninsula.  From high upon the bluff, we could see down into the main street below.

One of the most famous restaurants in the whole county is Al Johnson’s.  It is known for its Swedish food and the goats grazing on the roof.
We noticed a few new shops, restaurants, and the plans for more condos going up in the future in Sister Bay.  We parked in the marina parking lot and walked along the main dock.
Some boats were on the move on a nice day on Lake Michigan.  We inquired about what changes the marina has made since we kept our boat there for 2 years back in the 90’s.  They told us that they extended a section of the main seawall.  We didn’t remember ever seeing such big boats docked in the marina in past years.  
This double-masted sailboat in the marina gave tours on the lake.  What a beauty it was!
On the north side of Sister Bay, we discovered that one of our favorite places to eat Mexican and drink margaritas was still there—JJ’s.  
The next stop on our peninsula drive was Ellison Bay.  It’s a quiet, sleepy little town.

From high atop the bluff above the town, you can get a great view of the water and the northern bluffs.  
At the very top of the peninsula is Gills Rock.  
We checked out the little marina there, but where there used to be working fishing tugs, there were none.
We did find one that had been restored and on display.

Just around the bend was the ferry dock where a ferry had just arrived.
Another fishing tug was on display at the Maritime Museum.
We got out and walked around.  Bob checked out the boats and walked around the harbor while I checked out the shops.
We wanted to check out the Car Ferry Dock, but there were so many cars lined up to get on the ferry that at first we couldn’t even get close.
We waited a bit and the line began to move, so we could safely pass the line of cars to go park at the dock.  
We got out and watched the ferry load up and depart for Washington Island.  

From the dock, we could see the lighthouse on Plum Island.
Plum Island lighthouse
We talked about all the adventures we had on Washington Island arriving with our boat.  Over the years, we had biked the entire island.
The stop at Gills Rock wouldn’t be complete without walking on the beach to check the temperature of the water in Lake Michigan.  It was still a bit chilly for August.
From Gills Rock, you could get a great view of Ellison Bay Bluff to the south.
From there, we turned around and headed back south.  We stopped at one of my favorite shops north of Sister Bay–The Tannenbaum Holiday Shop.
I wanted to shop for a Christmas ornament as a keepsake from our trip to Door County.  I found the perfect one!  Our next stop on the way back was to one of our favorite hole-in-the-wall outdoor waterfront restaurant–Fred and Fuzzy’s.  
It was doing great business and had even added on and made other improvements.  
Fred and Fuzzy’s
On a nice day, it is a great place to be.  On a rainy or windy day, not so much.   Today was the perfect day to enjoy a beer while we took in the great scenery.
Being there brought back fond memories.  That touring sailboat from Sister Bay even sailed by.
Our next stop was in Ephraim at Wilson’s.  I had to stop for a root beer float there.  Nothing had changed!  It was still a great place to be!
From the shore there in Ephraim, the bluffs could be seen so clearly.

I really loved this license plate that we saw on this car in Ephraim.
Outside of Ephraim, is the northern entrance into Peninsula State Park–our most favorite park in Wisconsin.  (I think we have biked on every road and bike trail in the park over the years.)  We thought we could drive through the park on a day pass, but there was no one at the ranger station to buy one from, so we turned around and decided to visit the park another day.
Peninsula State Park
We returned to the campground around 3:30 and spent some time outside with Auggie.  Auggie and I took a walk around the campground so he could get some exercise.  A few of our neighbors left, but more arrived while we were gone, and still the campground was very quiet.  The skies clouded up sometime in the afternoon and the sun wasn’t seen for the rest of the day.  The temps never rose above 70, so shorts and a fleece were the dress of the day.  I sat outside writing my blog with a blanket on my lap enjoying the rest of the afternoon until dinnertime.  
It’s a bit of an adjustment from the 90 degree temps and humidity back home, but this is great camping weather and we’re loving it!  Auggie wanted to sit on my lap in the coziness of my fleece blanket.  
Auggie the cuddler
Bob cooked chicken on the grill.  We turned on the fireplace in the camper as we relaxed with some TV.
The overnight temps will be cool tonight so we might need another blanket on the bed. Sleeping will be good!


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