August 5, 2018 West Bend (Day 4)

The morning starting off cloudy and breezy.  We had to keep the air on today because the temps would be back in the 90’s.  Today is our last day here, so we wanted to do a few things to get ready for our departure tomorrow.  There was a steady stream of campers pulling out of the campground today after the weekend.  While Bob did a few chores, I gave Auggie a bath and a haircut.
He tries to escape if he can, but he’s pretty complacent about the whole situation as you can tell.
When we were both finished, we took a ride into West Bend.  We made a surprise stop at the Toucan Custard Shop for a root beer float (my favorite) and a hot fudge sundae.  This was a very cool building in the town of Barton.
Our next stop was in downtown West Bend.
It had a quaint, sleepy little main street with flags and flowers lining the sidewalks.
Most of the stores were closed on Sunday, so we just took a drive through.  We did drive by the Town Hall which was a stately old building.
Our last stop was for gas and propane before our departure tomorrow.  Back at the campground, there was a steady stream of departing campers and the campground was beginning to empty out.  It was a quiet day as we both sat in the shade with a book and enjoyed the nice breeze blowing.  Auggie joined us and relaxed in the shade as well.  Earlier, when we stopped in the office to ask about where to fill our propane tank, Bob mentioned to the owner that he should try X-14 on the inner tubes that he rents for $2.  They were discolored with mold and mildew and X-14 is a miracle product that gets rid of all that.  Bob gave him our bottle of X-14 to try it out.  When the owner returned the bottle, he gave Bob $2 for the use of the product and was going right out to buy a bottle for himself.  He was amazed at what X-14 could do.  I think we should own stock in that product ourselves!  It’s truly amazing!  Bob cooked steaks on the grill and we had a later dinner.
After dinner when things had cooled off a little, the 3 of us took a walk on the nature trail to the chimney.
We have no idea why it’s here or what it did, so I guess we’ll have to ask the owner tomorrow before we leave.  We’re both really curious about it.  Darkness fell and we relaxed with some TV. Tomorrow we leave for Fish Creek in Door County.  We are really looking forward to checking out the town where we kept our boat for 10 years and see how much has changed.  

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