August 4, 2018 West Bend (Day 3)

We had a leisurely morning doing some things around the camper.  It was a warm morning and the temps would rise to the low 90’s later in the day.  Eventually, we had to put the air back on for comfort.  We ate lunch and got ready to go to the wedding ceremony which was held in Salem Lutheran Church on Milwaukee’s north side.  We donned our wedding clothes and left the campground at 1:00 for the 25 minute drive to the church.  The parking lot was filling up and we noticed the groom’s car decked out with “Just Married” signs.  
In the church, people were milling about and we found seats inside, so I could take a couple of pictures from my aisle seat.  
The church looked beautiful with gold and white bows hanging from the ends of the pews.
We said hello to Mark and Jan and their friends, Diane and Mark Rosenberg, whom we had met while they were staying in Tropic Isles for a month last winter.  Jan’s friend, Jackie, was there with Jan’s Aunt Phyllis whom we were anxious to meet after hearing so much about her.  The groom took his position at the front of the church and the service began promptly at 2:00.
Everyone promenaded down the aisle, two-by-two, until the bride finally came in arm-in-arm with her dad.  
Aunt Phyllis and Kristen Krueger

Mark and Jan, the proud parents

Kellie, the bride, and her father
The cutest of all were the little nieces and nephews of the bride and groom.  Each one of the girls had on a purple dress and the boys had on purple shirts.  They were all cute as a button.  
Andrew and Sophie

Nieces and nephews of the bride and groom

Another niece and nephew
The highlight of the ceremony was the music performed by the Krueger Spirit Band, consisting of Brian Krueger (brother of the groom) on guitar, Kristen Krueger (wife) on piano, Molly (16) niece of the groom) singing, and Todd Krueger (brother of the groom) on oboe and recorder, also singing. The ceremony was beautiful!  

Saying their vows

the new Mr. and Mrs. Krueger
After the ceremony, we went back to the campground for a couple of hours until the reception began at 5:30.  We wanted to spend some time with Auggie and make sure he got a walk and fed.  We watched quite a few campers check in and set up camp while we were there.  We left the campground around 5:00 for the 35 minute drive to the River Club of Mequon.  We had a drink before dinner as everyone milled around waiting for the festivities to begin.
At the reception
At 6:30, the groom’s brother, Brian, said a prayer before the meal and dinner began with 3 stations of food set up around the room.  You could go to any station at any time and eat whenever you wanted.  We sat with Jan’s friend, Jackie, and had a delicious meal.  After dinner, 2 people made toasts to the bride and groom and we raised our glasses to them.  The toasts were emotional.
Bride and Groom listening to the toasts
After dinner, the cake was cut and dancing started around 8:00 with the bride and groom’s first dance and then the mothers’ dance.
Bride and Groom’s first dance as husband and wife.

With love in their eyes…..

Mother and son
After that, the floor was filled with movers and shakers.  The DJ played a good selection of music for everyone.  
The happy and proud parents of the groom
We said our goodbyes and headed back to the campground around 9:30.  It was a long ride back in the dark as we worried about deer darting out of the woods in front of us.  Our night vision isn’t what it used to be!  I gave Auggie his evening walk and we relaxed a little before going to bed.  It was a great day and so wonderful to see two genuinely nice people find love with their soul mates.  We were honored to have been invited to share their special day with them.  

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