August 3, 2021 Milton, WI to Springfield, IL

We’re on the move today. There was not a cloud in the sky as we headed south toward Springfield, IL We left the campground at 10:20 with 233 miles to go. Traffic was light to the Illinois border.

We crossed the Abraham Lincoln Memorial Bridge over the Illinois River.

There isn’t much to see in Illinois along I-39. I heard a comedian say once, that Illinois should be turned sideways to make traveling through it shorter because it is such a long, boring drive. I’d vote for that!

We had changed our reservation from the Double J Campground in Chatham, IL about 20 minutes south of here, to the Illinois State Fairgrounds so we could be much closer to the Lincoln historical sites. We had no trouble finding the entrance to the campground at Gate 11 and pulled into the campground at 2:30.

We found the office, but there was no one there.

Bob called Mike, the campground manager, and left a message. He arrived within 10 minutes and we were all set up in site B-1 by 3:00. We were able to choose our own spot. It’s your typical parking lot campground, but we chose a spot on the end by some grass. We were all by ourselves with no other campers nearby.

It was pretty hot, so we spent the rest of the afternoon in the AC after giving Auggie a walk to stretch his legs. We did our homework about this area and decided on all the places we wanted to see tomorrow. We had brats for dinner and took our evening walk when things cooled off a bit. We were both kind of beat after a long, boring drive today, but were excited about what we would be seeing tomorrow.

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