August 3, 2019 Bangor, ME (day 2)


The sun rose at 5:23 and I was up at 6:15.  What's up with that?  It was another beautiful day with sunshine, blue skies, and NO HUMIDITY, although the morning temp was a cool 62.  The low last night was 58.  We slept with the windows open, so it was a little chilly to start the morning, but I'm not complaining!  I bought some Maine blueberries the other day, so I made some blueberry pancakes for breakfast!  Yum!  

Bob drove over to an RV dealer to get some string to repair our blinds.  He called yesterday and they said they had what we needed.  Wrong!  He made the trip for nothing because they didn't have it.  While he was gone, Auggie got a bath and a trim.  He always smells so good after his bath.  Once Bob got back, we took off to run our errands in the other direction towards town.  Our first stop was to Steven King's house on 47 W. Broadway. 

We arrived and shortly after, more people showed up to take pictures like us.  The wrought iron gate and fence were interesting, designed like a spider web with gargoyles sitting on top.  It definitely gave it an eerie feeling.

The gate on the driveway was open, but we didn't know if he was there or not.  Part of his fence had the initial "K" on it.  

This dragon sat on top of one of the posts.

The house next store was massive as were many of the houses on the block.

We found ourselves in the historic district of Whitney Park and there were many lovely homes.  This old house had this coach house attached to it. 

From there, we drove a short distance to Bass Park where we went to see the 31 foot tall, 3700 pound, statue of Paul Bunyan.  It was a tribute to all lumberjacks and was built in 1959.  Can you see me standing in front of the statue?  It was nice to able to find Paul Bunyan and Steven King's house without any problem.  Thank goodness for GPS and the internet.

As we were walking back to the truck, I got stung by a bee in the arch of my foot!  Ouch!  What's up with that?  It hurt for awhile, but the pain soon subsided. My day was not going so well.  We left the waterfront and went to Pet Smart to get Auggie some of his favorite dog food.  From there, we went to Walmart for groceries and other needed items.  Like the checkout clerk said, "You come for 3 items and you leave with 30."  So true!  We drove back to the campground from there.  It took awhile to put everything away in the camper and then I did some computer work for the Co-op, but had some problems retrieving a document I needed.  Not good!  Bob did a repair on the shower doors and that went well.  It got up to 83 today, but it was very comfortable. I would have enjoyed sitting outside more, but our site had no shade and it was too windy to leave the awning out.  Bummer!  We had dinner and took our evening walk around the campground.  We found this huge chair that we just had to try.  Bob looked so small sitting in it!

Auggie loved his walk around the campground and got a lot of exercise. We stopped at the dog park in the campground.  Auggie got to run around loose and his mom and dad got to swing in the swing.

It was a cooler time to take our walk with the sun starting to set.  This park does an excellent job of landscaping and maintaining the very large sites.  Everything looks neatly trimmed and decorated.

It seems to be a popular park for long-term and seasonal campers and the park has been 95% full every night.  Tomorrow we leave for 5 nights in Bar Harbor and a visit to Acadia National Park!  We are looking forward to it!









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