August 3, 2018 West Bend, WI (day 2)

It was a cool night–too cool to sleep with the windows open.  We woke to a little bit of fog, but that burned off with the sun.  We slept in, knowing we had nowhere special to be.  It was a lazy morning that we really enjoyed.  We took out one of our folding bikes and I took a ride around the campground.  Right across from our site is this Weeping Willow tree with this amazing trunk.
Bob did a little re-organizing of the back of the truck before we got ready to take a drive to Port Washington.  We left around 10:00.  The 17-mile drive was scenic through the Wisconsin countryside and a few small towns.  We took Highway 33 which ended at the water–Lake Michigan.
Highway 33 coming into Port Washington
We found a place to park near Rotary Park that sits on the waterfront.
We walked along the path through the park that paralleled the waterfront.  It was an awesome day–sunny and 75 with only a light breeze.  Lake Michigan was calm and provided the perfect day for boating.  
Entrance to Port Washington harbor
We were drawn to the marina as we always are and spent some time watching the charter fishing boats come and go.
Port Washington Marina

One of the boats that we watched come in had 2 salmon to show for their morning’s effort.
We walked further along the waterfront to the breakwater.  From there, we got a great view of the lighthouse at the entrance to Port Washington’s harbor.  
Port Washington lighthouse
We decided to stop and eat some lunch, but couldn’t find any place in town that served a traditional Wisconsin bratwurst.  We checked around and stopped in a couple of places, but had no luck.  We settled on the Schooner Bar which had an awesome upper deck with a great view of the harbor.  
From the second story, we could see the sailboats, pleasure power boats, and charter boats make their way out onto the calm blue water of Lake Michigan.
I decided on a brat patty (that’s as close as I could get to a bratwurst) and Bob had some mozzarella sticks with beers to wash everything down.  We decided on a couple of Leinenkugels–a Wisconsin north woods beer.
After lunch, we stopped in a few shops along Main St.

We hopped back in the truck and before we left town, we drove up to Lake Bluff Park for an awesome view of the harbor from atop the bluff.
From that vantage point, we could see all kinds of boat traffic on the lake.

What a beautiful day it turned out to be!  We stopped for a few groceries at Wal-Mart in Saukville before returning to the campground around 2:30.  Check-in time at the campground is 3:00, so there was a line of campers waiting to get in.  We sat outside and watched people come in and set up their camps for the weekend.  The campground really filled up quickly.  (This campground is serious about following the rules.  Bob had to sign for them when we checked in.  Rule infractions will cost you a few dollars or expulsion from the campground.  Some of the crazy things they have going on here are all the extra charges:  25 cents for air for your tires, 25 cents for a 6 minute hot shower, an extra charge if you want to check in before 3:00, guests are $5 per person and must leave the campground before 7:30 PM, quiet time starts at 9:30 PM, and NO BARKING DOGS! Bob and I started to kid each other about extra charges for everything we did. It became an inside joke.)  Auggie sat outside with us enjoying the rest of the afternoon.  We ate a late dinner since we had a later lunch.  The 3 of us took our evening walk around the campground after dinner to see all the people who had arrived today.  The sun set and the temps cooled off for great sleeping.  We relaxed with a little TV.  Tomorrow would be a big day with the wedding at 2 PM on the north side of Milwaukee and the 5:30 reception in Mequon.  We are really looking forward to it!  

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