August 28, 2018 Watkins Glen to Ithaca, NY

The weather stations on TV were issuing a heat advisory for today and tomorrow.  Highs are expected to be in the low 90’s, high humidity, with a heat index of close to 100 degrees. Everybody was freaking out!  They don’t know what heat is until they spend a summer in Florida.  June-September are like that.  Not just a few days in the summer.  Hopefully, this heat too, shall pass since we were trying to get away from that for awhile.  We didn’t have to go very far today–just over to the next lake, about 34 miles away, so we slept in and had a leisurely breakfast.  I have such a fantastic husband!  Yesterday, I mentioned that there was another waterfall just down the road from the campground that we missed.  Bob said he would take me there today before we left.  What a guy!  So around 9:00, we took the short drive to Hector Falls. Hector Falls can be seen right from the highway, but we parked alongside the road so we could get out to view it up close.  
It is a huge, broad cascading falls composed of several drops that goes under the bridge and down the other side of the highway forming another wall of cascading water.
It was awesome!  I am amazed by how many waterfalls are in this area without having to hike very far.  For a waterfall buff like me, it was heaven!  Once back at the campground, we packed up slowly and were ready to leave around 10:30.  [We were having some trouble with the water pressure in the trailer–as in we didn’t have any.  Bob tried all sorts of things, but it did not improve.  We determined that it might be the water pressure regulator on our water hose.  We will have to find an RV dealer or store and see if we can pick up a new one.  Maybe that will do the trick!]  We took Highway 414 north along the eastern coast of Seneca Lake high on the bluff.
There was one winery after the other along the way.  They are part of the Seneca Lake Wine Trail where over 30 wineries come together.  Each one was more unique than the next.
Vineyards hugged the hillsides as we made our way north to the town of Ovid, which lies between Seneca and Cayuga Lakes.
From there, we went into the countryside to Sned Acres Family Campground.
Bill and Lori, the owners, are such nice people and welcomed us with open arms.  They have a a red, smooth coat tweenie dachshund named Icky.  He and Auggie got to know each other while Bob checked in at the office.  We were given a welcoming gift that Bill baked himself–a chocolate chip breakfast bread.  We will enjoy that for breakfast tomorrow.  What a nice thing to do!  
We got our site assignment, #52, in the shady section of the campground.  We would appreciate the shade today in this heat.  

Bob and I spent the afternoon in the AC making plans for the next portion of our trip through Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.  We hope to hook up with our friends, Patti and Mike, in New Hampshire and spend time with them.   Dinner was a simple meal of sloppy joes.  Auggie and I took a walk around the park when the sun was going down and the heat subsided.  It got dark by 8:00 in the woods, so we settled in to watch some TV.  Tomorrow would be a big day of sightseeing by car.  It’s supposed to be another hot, steamy day.

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