August 24, 2019 Clarksboro, NJ to College Park, MD


We took our time getting ready to leave and pulled out at 10:00.  It was mostly sunny, 69 degrees, and breezy.  Auggie was ready to move on. 

 We had 133 miles to go today to get to Cherry Hill Park, MD, just north of Washington, D.C.  It wasn't long before we crossed the Delaware River on the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

It was 4 lanes wide and traffic was heavy.  

At the base of the bridge, cars were waiting to be driven across the bridge by the highway patrol.  It is a service they provide for afraid or insecure drivers to cross the bridge.  Bob read that people can wait up to 2 hours for driving assistance and that the biggest fear people have is not being able to see over the top of the bridge and the landing on the other side.  There were 3 cars waiting today.

It's a beautiful bridge, but it can be intimidating to some.

From the top, we could see the city of Wilmington, DE.

On the other side of the bridge was the Delaware state line.

Traffic slowed down in Delaware for a bit on our side and there was heavy traffic going north on this Saturday.

We crossed into Maryland and drove the John F. Kennedy Memorial Highway.

We stopped at the Chesapeake House Service Plaza for a restroom break.  What an awesome place that was.  They had 8 different food vendors to choose from and a gift shop.  It was very welcoming with tables inside.  We ran into another traffic slowdown with some construction before the Susquehanna River .

Traffic was traveling at 5 mph.

It took us 10 minutes to get back up to speed.  We crossed the Susquehanna River on the 6-lane bridge. 

 We could see the tip of Chesapeake Bay from the bridge looking down at the Susquehanna River.

We took I-695 around the north side of Baltimore to avoid the Baltimore Harbor tunnel, which we aren't allowed to go through with the trailer anyway.  Traffic going the other direction into Baltimore was very heavy.  

We really haven't traveled on a Saturday before on this trip and we'll make a point to try and never do it again.  There were too many weekend drivers.  We arrived at our campground, Cherry Hill Park, at 1:00.

We were given site #317 and we thought we would be able to keep the trailer hooked up to the truck for our overnight stay.  The site was a little too short to stay hooked up, so we didn't.

It had reached 80 degrees by now, but it was still very pleasant.  We had been to this campground before, so we knew what to expect.  It was a fast setup and then we put out our chairs for a relaxing afternoon. Auggie laid out in the sun and did his relaxing.

This is a great campground if you want to visit D.C.  There is a bus stop right in the park that takes you to the metro rail which takes you right into D.C.  It's very convenient and a very nice campground with lots of amenities.  We had dinner and took our walk around the campground before settling in for the evening.  We would have an early start tomorrow to Virginia Beach.  


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