August 24, 2018 Put-In-Bay, OH to Fairview, PA

I got up early before Bob.  We had only 167 miles to go today, so there wasn’t any rush to get going.  We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the campground and Put-In-Bay.  After a busy day yesterday, we really slept well and pulled out of the campground at 10:00.  It was 74 degrees and sunny–another beautiful day.  The ride was uneventful, until we got to Cleveland.  I-90 took us right downtown and there was no way to get around it.
Cleveland, OH
The signs gave us a warning that the highway would take a severe right-hand turn at 35 mph.  We slowed way down, but who ever heard of an Interstate highway speed of 35 mph?  
Once outside of Cleveland, we ran into a traffic slow down due to construction and lane closures.  The highway hugged the coast of Lake Erie for awhile before going inland into the countryside.  We continued to listen to our book-on-tape.  The best time to listen is on the longer drives when there isn’t much decision-making to do while driving.  We crossed over into Pennsylvania around 1:00.
We came upon this semi in a ditch in the center of the median.  He probably ended up there because he fell asleep.  There seemed to be no damage to his truck.  
We arrived at Presque Isle Passage RV Park at 1:15 and checked in.
It would just be an overnight stay so we would stay hooked up in pull-through site #54.  It was a nice site with a cement pad.

We were set up in no time and ready to relax.  Auggie got right into it, basking in the sun!  
It was the perfect opportunity to do some laundry since we arrived at the campground early in the afternoon.  I gathered up the wash and headed to the laundromat for the next hour. I made a few phone calls and did some reading while I waited for my wash to get done.  Once I got back, it was time to really relax outside with Auggie.
The breeze was blowing and there was no humidity.  We noticed this unusual “cabin” that was set up just a few sites down from us.  It was a pontoon boat set up on land like a cabin.  Now we’ve seen everything!
Tonight the Packers play the Raiders, but we won’t be able to see it on TV.  Darn!  We will be able to watch Tampa Bay play though because they’re playing Detroit and the game will be broadcast on TV here.  Still…it’s little consolation for not being able to see the Packer game.  I’m bummed!   Bob grilled some steaks and we settled in to watch the football game after taking Auggie for a walk around the campground.  We would get an early start tomorrow.  

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  1. I’m caught up on your delightful blog. I laugh when Bob waits at the bottom of steps. When I went to Mexico, Nancy hiked up steps and my mom & I sat and waited. Bob sounds like a chef…great suppers on the grill.

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