August 22, 2019 Clarksboro, NJ (day 3)


We did not have any major storms come through our area last night as predicted, but we may have had a little rain overnight.  It continued to be hot and steamy today.  We hung out for the morning so Bob could participate by phone in the Board of Directors' meeting at 9:30.  I did some cleaning and a load of wash while Bob had his meeting.  The meeting lasted until 11:30. We had some lunch and then Auggie got a bath and a trim.  He was awful furry, but now looked sleek and clean.  Later in the afternoon, I went for a swim in the pool.  The water was perfect and I pretty much had the pool to myself.  I sat in the shade of the trailer to dry off and work on my blog.  We had a later dinner of chicken on the grill.  After dinner, we took our evening walk and relaxed with some TV.  It was a laid-back kind of day.

                                                                                        Don't I look good?

We made our plans for our day in Philly tomorrow.  It's predicted to be 80 and less humid–perfect for a day of walking around the city.  The campground staff was very helpful in helping us decide the best course of action to see the city.  We will drive a few miles to the closest train station.  There, we will leave the truck in the parking lot and ride the train into the city.  The train will drop us off 2 blocks from where we want to begin our walking tour.  That sounds a lot better than driving into the city and trying to find parking ourselves.  We'll get an early start to make the most of the day.  


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