August 21, 2018 Michigan City, IN to Catawba, OH

It had rained overnight with lightening flashes across the sky.  This morning was mostly cloudy and 73 degrees. We had less to do to get ready to leave since we stayed hooked up to the trailer last night.  We pulled out of the campground at 9:30.  Leaving the campground, we spotted this group of ducks at the pond.  It struck us as funny because it looked like the brown duck on land was giving morning instructions to the ducks in the pond.  They sat very still in the pond like they were listening. Shortly afterward, the ducks in the pond jumped up onto the bank, one by one, and paraded away.
We would have an easier drive today staying on I-80 the whole way for 236 miles.  It was a pleasant drive through the Indiana countryside with light traffic.  We started out the day listening to a new book on tape–Deeply Odd by Dean Koontz.  Near South Bend, dark clouds hovered above us.  This highway took us near Bristol, Elkhart, and Goshen–an area of Indiana where the manufacturing of RVs and motor homes takes place.  We passed at least 10 manufacturing plants for different brands and the RV/MH Hall of Fame Museum.    
We also passed 3 boat manufacturing plants scattered throughout this area.  Lots of travel trailers were being transported by drivers via this highway to dealers all over the country.  This northern area of Indiana is home to the third largest population of Amish people in North America.  Ohio has the largest population and Pennsylvania has the second largest.  Many Amish farms dotted the countryside.  We had a short sun-shower, but the storm clouds stayed to the northwest of us.  Bob asked me what time we left this morning because it was 11:45 and we had gone only 80 miles in over 2 hours.  It took us a few minutes to realize we had crossed into another time zone. We lost an hour moving into the Eastern time zone.  Duh!  Now we’re back in the same time zone as back home.  We passed over into Ohio around 1:00 and continued on the I-80 toll road. Yesterday, we spent $26.90 on tolls in Indiana.  We’ll see what the bill for tolls in Ohio will bring tomorrow.  That I-Pass really comes in handy!
We encountered a couple of scattered showers, very short in duration, while the sun shone.  It continued to sprinkle as we reached our destination at 3:00–Cedarlane RV Park on Catawba Island near Port Clinton, OH.  
The grey clouds disappeared and with them the showers.  Then out came the sun while we set up camp in site # 452.  It was a spacious site with lots of grass for Auggie and a tree for shade.
Most of the sites in this campground are held by seasonal campers.  Not many people were here at this time during the week, but I bet it’s crazy on the weekends!  Very near to our site, is a dog run.  Auggie got to check it out once we were all set up.  We returned to our site as the dark clouds appeared and then came the rain.  It rained quite hard, but thank goodness it came after we were all done setting up camp.  Bob, the man who guided us to our site, said that they had heavy storms last night and lost power for 2 hours.  Some of the roads still had standing water in them and much of the grass was soggy.  After the rain, the sun came out and I was able to take a walk around the campground. There is a pasture full of horses on the other side of the campground perimeter that I want to check out more tomorrow.  You know how I love horses!
We relaxed before dinner with a cocktail.  We had leftovers to eat from the last couple of nights, so it wasn’t long before dinner was ready.  We took Auggie for a walk before the sun set and relaxed with some TV.  We planned out our day for tomorrow.  The weather looks good for a ferry ride to Put-In-Bay with some biking and touring around on the island.  We are looking forward to it!


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