August 2, 2021 Milton, WI Day 2

It didn’t get as cold last night as they said it would, so with the windows open, we were very comfortable sleeping. This morning we had partly sunny skies, a nice breeze, and 72 degrees. Oh, I’m going to miss these cooler days. We wanted to wash the bus today to get off 4 weeks of road grime and while we had the opportunity. Not every campground will allow you to wash your vehicle and this campground had no rules against it. At 10:00, we started the process. Bob washed and I dried and we were done in 60 minutes.

After putting away all our supplies and eating some lunch, we left to go to Janesville for our last major grocery run. On our way to our first stop we hit a traffic slowdown. Traffic came to a stop and we could see some flashing lights of different colors up ahead. Once we got up closer, we saw that it was a 5th wheel that was rolled over in the ditch.

We could see the roof had come detached from the body when it rolled over.

Once we got past the wreck, traffic resumed to a normal speed. One stop at Woodman’s Grocery Store and a second stop at Walmart and we were back on the road by 2:00. Traffic was still at a standstill because of the accident and was piling up causing a major backup for miles and miles. We did see that a tow truck had picked up the top half of the 5th wheel to haul away, but the bottom half lay there to be removed on the next trip. It was going to cause a traffic problem for a long time at the rate they were going.

Once we got back, I sat outside in the sun enjoying the quiet and solitude in the campground. So many campers left this morning that it looked like a ghost town in our section. This KOA campground has a whole area of seasonal residents who live in park model homes or permanent RVs.

The other 1/2 of the campground is open to short term RVers like us. The campground also has a large pool and hot tub, a restaurant with delivery service, lots of activities for adults and children, very nice restroom/shower facilities, and a laundry. We like it a lot and would come back here again.

At 3:00, check-in time, there was a steady flow of campers arriving. It went from quiet to busy in a very short time. It is fun to watch other people set up their rigs and watch how they do it. Around 5:15, we left to go meet Bob’s sister, Mary, and John just down the road for dinner at the Anchor, a very popular restaurant, that sits right on the Rock River.

Yesterday, when we passed there, the entire parking lost was full due to their live music all day. Today, it was much quieter.

We got a seat outside on the covered deck.

Mary and I enjoyed 2 Old Fashioned cocktails–each. They were delicious!

This would be the last time I would get a good one for awhile. We had a nice dinner and lots of great conversation talking about our trips so far to different places of the country. Bob and I ordered our favorite for dinner–loaded nachos.

We enjoyed our visit with them. This seems to be a common element that has developed in the last 2 years where we’ve been on our separate vacations in the country and at some point we end up very near to each other where we can hook-up and get together. Last year, it was in Alamosa, Colorado and this year in Wisconsin. How cool is that?

We said our goodbyes and agreed that we’d see each other in a couple of weeks back in Florida. Bob and I got back to the campground and took Auggie for his walk. Campers were still arriving as the sun went down. The sky lit up with blue, yellow, and orange as the sun set.

We leave tomorrow for Springfield, Illinois to visit the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum. Bye, bye Wisconsin. Go Packers! (By the way, the pot of succulents from my Uncle Jim are thriving. Thanks again, Jim.)

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