August 2, 2018 Mahomet, IL to West Bend, WI

Boy!  The stars were out last night.  Mars was clearly visible again.  Out in the country, you can see so much more.  I watched a fabulous show on Nova last night while Bob snoozed on the couch.  It was a show on the formation of North America with computer generated sequences.   It was very cool with scenes from some of the National Parks’ best geologic formations.  It’s a series of 3 shows with tonight being the second episode.  Last night, we slept well with the windows open.  In fact, it got chilly enough to use the quilt.  We haven’t had that for a long time.  The highway traffic noise seemed loud last night and again this morning, but it became more like white noise and not a problem while we slept last night.  Prior to leaving, we had 2 minor issues to deal with.  One was the thread on one of our blinds that controls its rise and fall was coming unraveled.  It prohibited the blind from rising.  We could live with the problem if it had been on a small side window, but it was on the big picture window at the back of the trailer.  Not being able to raise that shade would hamper our best view from the trailer for the rest of the trip, so we ordered a new blind and had it shipped to Anne’s house.  We would pick it up next week when we’re there.  The second issue had to be remedied right away.  The water line to the toilet was plugged.  It was an easy fix since Bob had cleared the line a few times before.  He took care of that before we left the campground. We got ready to leave and were on the road by 9:30.   It was a cool 62 degrees when we woke up this morning, but it warmed up quickly with the sun.  Traffic was light and the book-on-tape we were listening to kept our minds occupied driving the length of Illinois through farm country.  This truck carrying these tires passed us and we both looked at each other and said, “What type of vehicle would use tires THAT size?”
In central Illinois, we encountered a thunderstorm that we had seen approaching us from the west on radar. The skies darkened ahead of us as we approached it, but we got very little rain out of it.  When the rain stopped, the skies turned partly sunny and the temp stayed pretty constant at 75.  We are really enjoying these cooler temperatures.  We crossed the bridge over the Illinois River at LaSalle.
Illinois River bridge
We had smooth sailing all the way into Wisconsin and crossed the border at 1:30.  We made it!
Home again, home again!
We had totally forgotten how bad the road surfaces are in Wisconsin.  Yikes!  We had to drive through the city to get to West Bend for our stay tonight.  Traffic was crazy and there was construction everywhere.  Things have really changed in the years since we’ve been gone.
I-894 heading to the Zoo Interchange
Once we got through town and headed north, the traffic lessened.  We traveled 286 miles today and arrived at our destination, Lake Lenwood Campground, at 3:30.   It is in a beautiful wooded setting on Lake Lenwood.
We are here to attend Kellie and Eric’s Krueger’s wedding on Saturday in Mequon.  (Eric is the son of our good friends and neighbors, Jan and Mark Krueger, from Tropic Isles.)  We checked in and found campsite #4 on a small rise above the lake with a great view.  
Site 4
The sites are grassy and spacious.
View of the lake out of our back window.
We set up camp and had time to sit outside and enjoy the day with Auggie.  The temperature was perfect to be able to sit outside.
A little before 6:00, we left to meet Mark and Jan Krueger, their friend, Jackie, their son, Todd, and the bride and groom, Kellie and Eric, for dinner at Walden’s Supper Club on Wallace Lake.

Walden’s Supper Club

Inside Walden Supper Club
View of Wallace Lake from inside the restaurant.
It was a quaint little supper club, typical of Wisconsin.  I was anxious to have a brandy Old-fashioned, like you can only get in Wisconsin.  I had one when I first came to live in Florida and they just don’t know how to make them.  It was horrible, but here at Walden’s it was as good as I remembered it to be.  Bob and I had a drink at the bar while we waited for everyone to arrive.
When everyone arrived, we all chatted at the bar for awhile and then moved into the dining room. I had a great perch dinner that I couldn’t finish because there was so much perch, so I took it home in a doggie bag.  Bob had a delicious rib eye steak.  It was great to relax with everyone before the big day on Saturday.
The bride and groom, Eric and Kellie, are in the back by the windows.
We came back to the campground around 8:00 and Auggie got his evening walk.  We were both tired after a long day, so we turned in early.  We are looking forward to staying in one place for a few days.  That will be nice!

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