August 19, 2020 Biloxi, MS (Day 3)

I’m getting used to sleeping in. We wanted to wash the bus today since most campgrounds won’t allow you to do it for one reason or another and this campground doesn’t have any rules against it. We washed the shady side in the morning and would do the other side in the afternoon when it was in the shade. Bob was a glutton for punishment and also washed the Jeep. We had lunch and went over to the beach across the street around noon. It was deserted except for a vacationing family or two.

The sand was sugar white, but the water was a cloudy brown color. It was not appealing at all, but the temp of the water was warm.

We enjoyed the onshore breeze and even though the temp outside was 90, it didn’t feel that warm. After an hour, clouds started moving in and the radar showed storms coming up from the south.

The breeze got a little stronger, but we hung out a little longer until about 2:00. The storm blew through without dropping any rain and the sun came out. After we finished washing the rest of the bus, we decided to order our dinner out and pick it up from Parrain’s Jambalaya Kitchen. We did some research on where to get good Cajun food and this one got good reviews. Bob ordered jambalaya and gumbo. I ordered shrimp. Then he went to go pick it up.

We enjoyed our dinner and our special treat out. We haven’t eaten out much on this trip due to COVID. In this case, it was safer to pick it up than to eat in the restaurant. We took our walk around sunset. This would be our last sunset in Biloxi. Tomorrow, we head east to Panama City Beach for 5 days. We have to keep our eyes on the two tropical disturbances that are forming out in the Atlantic. We need to see what they are going to do and where they will go.

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