August 19, 2019 Littleton, MA to Saugerties, NY


I lost some sleep last night, so I stayed in bed until 8:00.  That's late for me.  Bob got up at 7:00 and read the newspaper online. We didn't have to leave too early since we only had 196 miles to go today and it would be all Interstate.  We had little to do to get ready to leave, so we were on the road at 9:30.  Today would be all Interstate driving, but unfortunately, soon after we got on the Interstate there was a traffic slowdown due to an accident, according to the GPS.

As is true most times, when we finally got to the accident site, there was nothing there and traffic was moving freely.  We went about 5 miles farther down the road where there was another slowdown due to a real traffic incident and heavy volume, but we got back up to speed in no time.  After awhile we jumped on the I-90 (tollway) and traffic was light.

It would take us west across southern Massachusetts to the Hudson River.  We crossed the Connecticut River at Springfield, MA.

The highway took us up into the Berkshire Hills before descending into the Hudson River valley.

Along this road, we had multiple sightings of deer grazing in the grass near the woods.  I was able to snap a picture of just this one.

We arrived at the Hudson River and had to cross the bridge to get to New York.

Crossing the bridge was a little hairy in that the inner lane was closed and Bob was nervous about taking the outer lane.  We moved very slowly across the bridge in order to avoid hitting any orange cones.

From above, we got a great view of the Hudson River.

Once we got across the river and into New York, we traveled south on I-90 parallel to the river, towards the Catskill Mountains.

 Temps were bouncing around between 83 and 88 degrees depending on our elevation, but the skies remained mostly sunny.  We arrived at our Saugerties, NY KOA campground at 1:30 which is located in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains.

We checked in at the office and were assigned pull-through site # 11, so we didn't have to unhook for our overnight stay.

  It was warm and muggy without a whisper of a breeze in the campground, but we had the AC on in no time.  

We had pork chops on the grill and relaxed a little after dinner, before taking our evening walk.  Tomorrow we have a drive of 221 miles to our campground which is just south of Philadelphia for a 4 night stay there.  Our campground is actually in New Jersey on the other side of the Delaware River in Clarksboro, NJ.  Neither of us have been to Philadelphia before so we are excited to spend some time there and explore the city.


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