August 19, 2018 Madison, WI (Day 4)

It was a cooler night, but great for sleeping.  Bob slept in while I got up a little earlier to do some work on the computer.  We had nowhere to go until later in the day, so it was a lazy morning.  Bob had a couple of projects to work on and I wanted to vacuum out the trailer before we left tomorrow.  It has been a wonderful 4 days seeing friends and family.  Tomorrow we hit the road for the start of our trip out East.  Mary, John, and Jenny made plans to stop out today for a visit at the campground.  John and Jenny weren’t able to make the dinner party at Tim’s on Friday, so it was great to see them.  The three of them were making a stop at the campground and then taking a bike ride around Lake Waubesa.  They brought their bikes with them.  Mary arrived a little before John and Jenny, so we visited with her while we waited for them. John and Jenny arrived shortly thereafter and we had a great visit with them.  I was so happy that they stopped by and that we could get to see them while we were in town.  

Sister-in-law Jenny, sister Mary, and younger brother, John
After they left, Bob and I went down to the pool.  He sat poolside while I took a dip in the pool.  It was very refreshing.
A few of the weekend people from the campground left, so it was pretty quiet.  Just the way we like it.  Around 4:00, we left to go to Patty and Paul’s house for some conversation and then out for pizza at the Roman Candle.  The pizza was delicious.
Bob and I with Patty and Paul
We didn’t make a long evening of it since we would be leaving in the morning and had some things to do to get ready.  It was just like old times spending time with them.  This concludes the portion of our trip where we see friends and family.  It has been a fabulous 3 weeks in Wisconsin and makes me remember how much I love it in the summer.  I will miss everyone and look forward to seeing them when they visit Florida or we come back for a visit in Wisconsin.  
Go Packers!

Go Badgers!

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