August 18, 2019 Old Orchard Beach, ME to Littleton, MA


We got up and got ready to move on today.  The McBrides were doing the same thing.  It had rained overnight, but since we had most of our things already put away, our preparations went quickly. The skies cleared and eventually the sun shone through. Mike suggested we stay off of I-95 since everyone would be driving that highway going south from the Maine coastal cities after the weekend.  There was even a sign that warned drivers to be prepared for traffic congestion on I-95.  It sounded like a good idea to avoid that area, so he and Bob checked the map and found an alternate route for us to take. We said our goodbyes and pulled out of the campground around 11:00.  It would be a fairly short drive of only 98 miles to Littleton, MA, where we are spending one night at Boston Minuteman Campground.  Our route took us on Highways 111/4A/202/125–secondary roads through the countryside and some small towns.  At one point, we stopped on the side of the road to reset our GPS when Patti and Mike pulled up with their trailer to see if something was wrong. 

                                                                                      Patti and Mike

They were going home to Rochester, NH, the same way that we were traveling.  Once we explained what we were doing, we both went on our merry ways.  It was a nice route out in the countryside and traffic was light.  We continued to see signs warning us to beware of moose, but it was just a cruel joke.  We crossed the river into New Hampshire and into the city of Rochester.  From there, we took the highway across the eastern tip of New Hampshire and into Massachusetts for the last 30 miles of our drive to the campground.  The road took us over the Merrimack River towards Littleton.

Along the street entering Littleton, the town had banners hanging from the street lights for each of the fallen soldiers from their city. There was a picture for each one.  It was such a cool way to honor and remember them.

We arrived at our campground, Boston Minuteman Campground, about 2 PM. 

It took us a little longer to get here using the secondary roads, but avoiding all the traffic delays was worth it.  The temp had risen to 88 degrees with sunny skies.  We were glad to be rid of the rain, cloudy skies, and the fog.  Bob checked in at the office and we were escorted to site #89.

It was a little difficult to get into our site because we had to back in, up a hill, on a narrow road.  Bob did it with ease.  We stayed hooked up to the trailer since we would be leaving early in the morning.

We set up and settled in by turning on the AC and took some time to relax after the drive. We (I mean Bob) wasn't used to doing so much driving in one day. We hadn't done it for awhile, but we would have another long day on the Interstate tomorrow with another overnight stay.  I guess we are spoiled with all the short drives and longer stays in one place that we've done over the past couple of weeks. Auggie got his walk and we watched some TV as the sun set behind the trees in the woods.   


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  1. McBride, Mike and Patti

    Funny that you mentioned the sign about the moose crossing. I told Mike that you would have your eyes open for one when you saw the sign. I kept looking hoping I'd be able to text you and tell you where to look. ?? We have actually seen one in the woods on that road but it's been many years. Enjoyed our time with you guys! Safe travels! 

    —Reply posted by bshaw16872, Cindy on 8/20/2019

    We were  hoping we had one last chance to see a moose, but no luck.  Thanks for a great time.  You guys make terrific tour guides!  

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