August 16, 2020 Shreveport to Port Allen, LA

We had a restful night and were on the road at 9:00. It was Sunday and there was hardly any traffic. The skies were hazy with a temp of 84 degrees. It felt like 93 with a humidity level of 73 degrees. Still, it wasn’t too bad. The drive was uneventful traveling through Kisatchie National Forest on I-45 south.

There were also a lot of farm fields and we only had one semi-large city, Alexandria, to navigate through today. There were a lot of “mudders” on the road returning from a weekend of fun in the mud. Mudders is a sport where you drive UTV’s in the mud.

Our campground is in Port Allen, on the west side of Baton Rouge. Basically, we traveled diagonally from one side of the state to the other and into the “boot” of Louisiana toward Mississippi today. We made a fuel stop for diesel and DEF just before our turnoff to the campground. We had to cross the Frank and Sal Diesi Bridge which was pretty high over the Atchafalaya River.

Next, we encountered the Morganza Spillway Bridge which was very narrow. It was built to stop the Mississippi River from changing its course when it floods and to prevent flooding by diverting water to the Atchafalaya River. It was built along the western bank of the Mississippi River. It is 4,159 ft. long or almost 3/4 of a mile, but it sure seemed longer than that.

Along the roadside, we noticed these fields of sugar cane growing in the fields. Sugar cane is the leading farm product in Louisiana.

We approached the campground on a residential road that was very narrow with overhanging branches. They hit the roof once. Then we decided it was best to drive on the other side of the road to avoid the trees, but we had to avoid any low wires as well.

At one point, we were beginning to think we had gone the wrong way and how could a campground be located here. We finally found Cajun Country RV Park across from the new residential area around 2:00 after a drive of 241 miles today.

We checked in at the office and were given our site, #D1. It had a large concrete pad and we were on the end of the row so Auggie had a huge grassy space and we had lots of room.

Although the drive was pretty straightforward today, the road surface was horrible. I was sure we shook a few things loose. We settled in, but it’s just been too hot to sit outside in the afternoon, so we hung out in the AC. We had dinner and got a walk in as the sun went down. There wasn’t a very good place to view the sunset, but the clouds sure were colorful.

The name of this campground got Bob to thinking about eating some Cajun/Creole food like jambalaya, gumbo, and etouffee’. I already checked out the best place to go for Cajun food in Biloxi. (Bob makes a mean jambalaya and gumbo himself.) We look forward to our 3 days in Biloxi starting tomorrow. We will have time to explore the area, eat some authentic Cajun food, catch up on some chores (laundry and a bath for Auggie), and just spend some time in one place. That will be nice.

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