August 16, 2019 Old Orchard Beach (day 3)


We heard a few raindrops this morning before we got up. We had breakfast and got ready to leave the campground with Patti and Mike on our drive south Nubble Lighthouse.   We were expecting a cloudy, humid morning, but things improved as we hopped in the McBride's truck and made our way south on scenic Highways 9 and 1.  The sun came out and it warmed right up. The ride would take us through some small, popular tourist towns– Biddeford, Kennebunkport, and Kennebunk. 

We thought that it would be less crowded going on Friday than Saturday and avoid all the weekend traffic, but that wasn't the case.  Traffic was heavy around and through the towns, but thinned out through the countryside.  

Going farther south, we passed through Wells and Ogunquit to Cape Neddick.  We drove along the coast where we could view the ocean.  When the road took us inland, there were lots of beautiful homes to look at.   

We could see Boon Island Light way off in the distance, 6.5 miles southeast of Cape Neddick. It is one of the most isolated lighthouses and is continually pounded by the sea.  Many light towers have been swept away on this ledge and in 1852, the current light was erected.  It stands 133 ft. tall and is the tallest in New England.

Our final destination was the Nubble Lighthouse at Cape Neddick which lies north of York Beach.  When we arrived it was a very busy place, but luckily we found a parking space at Sohier Park.  We walked along the rocky shoreline path to get a closer view of the lighthouse.

They were still doing a little work on the island with the fencing, but the view of the lighthouse was unobstructed.

We continued to walk around the area to get a view from all sides of the peninsula.

The waves were crashing onto the rocks and getting this flock of seagulls wet.  They didn't seem to mind.

We took the coastal road towards York Beach.  This tour boat came motoring by on its way to the lighthouse.

York Beach was crowded with people.  It was a busy place.  As we neared Ellis Short Sands Park, we could see the swimmers in the water.

Patti and Mike are very familiar with the area and gave us a great tour.  A few of the places we passed, we recognized from our past trips to this area.  The Shore Road Restaurant was one out-of-the-way place that Bob and I had eaten at.  They still advertise cheap lobster rolls.

Mike had a great idea for a place to stop for a brew and a bite to eat.  It was in York Harbor.

It was an area that Bob and I had driven to before, but it was later in the summer that year. There were less boats in the harbor and we didn't remember this cute little place on the water.  It is the Deck at Dockside.

We had beers and some appetizers while sitting along the water with a view of the marina.  Great choice Mike!

From there, we took the drive back to the Interstate along the Shore Road.  People were in the water there, too.

We got another glimpse of the Nubble Lighthouse from a distance.

The drive back to the campground was faster via the Interstate tollway, with a stop at the Market Basket.  Patti wanted to stop and pick up some groceries for dinner.  She wanted to cook a traditional New England dinner of clams and mussels.  We got back at 3:30 and the skies clouded over.  It became cooler, so we decided to start a fire to warm us up.

Patti and Mike started the preparations for dinner.  We were having steamed corn on the grill and steamed mussels and clams.  I watched Patti and now I think we could do it ourselves.  We just need a pot to cook it in.

We ate all of the mussels and clams!  They was yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thanks, Patti and MIke!

Bob and I took Auggie for his evening walk.  It was cloudy, so there were no stars or moon to see.  We sat around the campfire for a little while, but we retired to our campers early after a full day of activity.  We had a wonderful day and our "tour guides" were fabulous!  Thanks again, Patti and MIke!


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