August 15, 2020 Aubrey, TX to Shreveport, LA

Happy heavenly birthday, Dad. I miss you every day. We had an issue with the jacks this morning that we had to resolve. Yesterday, when we put the back jacks down on our arrival, they sunk about a foot into the gravel. It must have created a vacuum and then the stones filled in around them. Bob tried to retract them last night, but was unsuccessful. This morning, he had to get under the bus, dig them out, and use a tire iron to pry them both up. Thank goodness it worked. We started to work on this problem about 7:30 in case it didn’t work and we had to deal with worse problems. Bob surmised that there is a water leak back there in the gravel area and the ground is soft. Either way, we reported it to the office. This morning, Bob and I walked Auggie together on the path along the dog park. We would have let him explore the dog park, except even at this early hour, two dogs were enjoying a romp.

So we headed back to the bus, packed up, and left around 9:00. Traffic was pretty busy as we headed towards downtown Dallas on this Saturday. We wondered what traffic would be like on Monday-Friday.

We took the beltline (I-635) around the east side of Dallas where traffic never lightened up at all.

Our campground was 25 miles north of Dallas, so after leaving there, it took us 1 1/2 hours to get around Dallas. What a way to spend a Saturday morning! Once we connected with I-20 east, traffic was SO much better. As we traveled east, flat prairie turned to hills and woods.

We crossed into Louisiana around 1:00.

The campground, Shreveport/Bossier KOA, was just 10 miles over the border to the west of Shreveport, so we arrived at 1:20.

We checked in and set up to get the AC going, although the temp was only 95 degrees.

We were given site #23 with a nice piece of grass and shade from a huge tree. The campground was pretty empty when we arrived.

As soon as we got settled in, I went to take a swim in the pool.

I had been looking forward to that for awhile now. I had the pool all to myself and enjoyed the swim and the opportunity to be outside of the bus for awhile. I returned to the bus after an hour and we relaxed in the AC watching a movie. More people arrived throughout the afternoon, but it still wasn’t very full. We took our walk again as the sun went down. Temps are so nice at that time. Tomorrow we leave for Port Allen, LA near Baton Rouge and another long drive. That will be the last of them for awhile. We are spending 3 nights in Biloxi, MS starting on Monday to do some sightseeing and relax. We hope that the toilet part is waiting for us when we get there.

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  1. Whether you’re home or in a trailer, something always needs to be fixed! Bob gets an A rating for all-around handyman.

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