August 14, 2019 Boothbay to Old Orchard Beach, ME


We got up and got ready for our departure.  We only had 66 miles to go, but we had to call our next campground and see if we could do an early arrival.  Once we got the ok, we finished our preparations and left at 10:30.  It was sunny and 77 degrees by the time we got on the road.  We crossed the bridge over the Sheepscot River to Wiscasset.

Traffic slowed down going into town due to road construction.

We could see the famous Red's Eats stand as we entered town.  People were already in line for the 11:00 opening.  

Bob read that this other place across the street was an alternative to get lobster rolls if Red's Eats was too crazy busy. Sometimes, we were told, that the wait can be over an hour.  Red's a popular place!  

Highway 1 took through the town of Bath on the Kennebec River.

Bath is well known as a nuclear and merchant ship shipbuilding center.  From the bridge, we could see a stealth cruiser being worked on at the dock.

We passed this cool restaurant  with a giant lobster on the roof.  It was very noticeable perched there.

Traffic was heavy on I-295 especially around Portland.  We arrived at our campground–Old Orchard Beach–at 12:30.  

Bob checked us in at the office. He needed Auggie's proof of rabies certificate and wasn't allowed to check in without it.  Good thing I brought it with us.

We drove to our campsite in the wooded section called the Black Forest.  We had to drive through this deep gully and up a hill to another section of the park.  This place is huge.

We were assigned campsite #425.  The entrance to our site was very narrow between two tall pine trees.  Bob nailed getting between the trees on the first try!

This little pink and purple rock with a smiley face was nestled on the ground next to the base of a tall pine tree in our site and welcomed us.  Someone left it there to put a smile on our faces and it did.

Our friends, Patti and Mike McBride, will be arriving tomorrow evening from Rochester, NH to camp with us for a couple of days. They will be in site #426. We look forward to seeing them.  We started to set up. but had a bit of a problem getting our small slide out, so we called a mobile RV repair guy hoping he would come out and fix it.  They were all booked up into September, so that was not an option.  Bob remembered how to override the computer so that the motors that work the slide would be in sync with one another and allow it to extend out.  Thank goodness it worked and the slide went out.  We'll take it in for service when we get home. Once we got settled in, we relaxed in the shade of the awning. The temp dropped to 71 degrees on our arrival. The breeze was cool, but the sunshine was glorious!  The campground was very full compared to our visit here last year which was in Sept. This time we were camping in the upper wooded section at the back of the campground.  Last time, we were in the open area up front called The Grove.  This area is very quiet in the tall pines since many of the campers were gone for the afternoon.  We had a later dinner and took our walk as the sun set and the temps dropped a little.  Before going to bed, I went out to check the stars.  The Big Dipper was out and the moon was full and yellow.  It was a beautiful night.


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