August 14, 2018 Brookfield, WI (Day 5)

I woke up at 5:00 after getting a good night’s rest.  Bob woke up at 7:00 after tossing and turning all night.  What’s up with that?  The shade that we ordered to replace the broken one on the back window of the trailer arrived by FedEx yesterday, so we would install that today.  I met my sister for breakfast at 9:30 at the Original Pancake House in Brookfield and we spent a little “sister time” together.  When we left at 11:45, the time had flown by.  I guess we had a lot to say and catch up on.  
We planned to give Dad a rest from all the excitement he’s had over the last few days and spend his “official” birthday with him tomorrow for dinner and birthday cake.  When I got back to Anne’s, I found Grandpa Bob watching Izzy ride her bike.  Yes!  I said “watching”.  Izzy found her training wheels in the garage and Grandpa Bob put them on her bike.  
She was proud of herself and I told her how proud I was of her.  Her reply was, “Now all I need is a bell.”  We can take care of that!
James is an attorney and he was in court today for a case, but got home just before we left to run some errands.  Before we left, Bob wanted to install the replacement window shade that arrived yesterday.  That installation went pretty guickly.  
Izzy and I made a date to go swimming when I got back.  Bob and I left around 12:30. He dropped me off at the laundromat and went for a Valvoline Instant Oil Change on the truck.
The laundromat was on the way and only a block from the oil change place.  That worked out well.  A laundromat is so convenient for getting the wash done all at once.  Otherwise, if you do one load at a time like at home, it takes a lot longer.  It just so happened that the laundromat was right next door to Kohl’s Department Store–one of my favorite places to shop when I lived in Wisconsin.  How convenient!  I got the wash going and took a walk next door.  They were having a summer clearance sale.  Imagine that!  I found a couple of things that I “needed” and came out a happy woman.  I returned to the laundromat to check on my wash after about 30 minutes.  It wasn’t long before the wash was done and in the dryers.  Today was $1.25 Tuesday so the washers were cheap.  No wonder it was such a busy place.  Bob returned a few minutes before the second load was done in the dryer and helped me fold the first load.  We finished about 2:00 and returned to Anne’s house.  Anne was at dance practice with her team, but came home shortly after we did.  We put away the wash and installed the valance over the shade.  That project was done!  I had a little lunch and made good on my promise to Izzy and met her in the backyard pool. Kaya joined us after awhile and Grandpa sat in the shade with Auggie by the pool.  

               We had fun splashing around in the pool for a couple of hours this afternoon.
Kaya and Izzy
Anne and Izzy left around 4:30 because Izzy had her dance class at 5:30 and it was in Watertown.  James and Bob went to the store to buy dinner for tonight.  The plan was to grill out.  I got to spend some quiet time by myself while Kaya spent some time in his room with his video games.   Izzy wanted to practice riding her bike, so I helped her.  When Izzy and Anne returned from dance class, James grilled steaks and chicken and Bob helped with the potatoes and veggies.  Dinner was great!  Auggie, Izzy, and I took our evening walk before the sun went down. Izzy was in charge of carrying the flashlight.  We relaxed with a little TV after dinner.  Anne presented me with my belated Mother’s Day gift this afternoon.
She figured it was easier to give it to me when we had the trailer to take it home, than to send it in the mail.  It is a beautiful photograph set on canvas of Izzy in her favorite dress, caught jumping in the air in Clearwater Beach.  The picture was taken by her Aunt B with her phone.  Amazing!  I absolutely love it!



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