August 13, 2018 Brookfield, WI (Day 4)

We slept in as our energy levels are slowly being drained and we needed to replenish them.  We left Anne’s around 10:30 for the drive downtown to meet my sister and brother for lunch at 11:00.  We ran into a traffic slow-down with road construction near State Fair Park.
State Fair Park
Once traffic got moving, we passed Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team, and saw that the roof was open.  
Miller Park
We exited the Interstate at Canal St.  We were meeting everyone at the Twisted Fisherman.
The Twisted Fisherman
     It is located on the Menomonee River that runs through the valley and you can come by boat.  
It was a gorgeous day to be sitting outside for lunch.  Bob had one of the original Milwaukee beers, Pabst Blue Ribbon.  
                             We enjoyed the food and the company outside by the water.
My brother, Randy (left) and his girlfriend, Jen (right). My sister, Peggy (right) and behind her my brother-in-law, Tom. Bob and I are on the left in the back.

Randy and Jen

Peg and Tom
We left there and all of us, except Bob, went back to Dad’s.  Randy and Jen were leaving today to fly back to California, so this was their last goodby with Dad.  Bob went back to Anne’s to spend time with her and the family.  We had a nice visit with Dad until Randy and Jen had to leave for the airport at 4:00.
Peg brought me back to Anne’s after that and spent a little time checking out our trailer and seeing Anne and the family.  After she left, I spent some time with the grandkids before dinner. Kaya had just gotten a shave from his mom.  Can you believe at 14 years old that he is already shaving?  
  Izzy grabbed Taco so I could take this picture of them. I don’t know if Taco enjoyed that so much.
Izzy and Taco Cat
Izzy and I played some more games of Go Fish while Anne and Bob caught up on things and James cut the grass.  When he was done, we all went to dinner at Culver’s Restaurant.  The sun glowed as it set on the horizon.  
Once we got home, Izzy picked out a movie for us to watch in the house.  I walked Auggie before we watched “The Book of Life” until we got sleepy.   We had to excuse ourselves before the movie was over and head back to the trailer.  I went right to sleep.  Bob stayed up awhile longer to unwind.  We have 2 more days in Brookfield before leaving for Madison on Thursday.  

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