August 11, 2021 Montgomery, AL Gunter Hills CG, Day 5

We were up and about by 8:00 and doing our thing before it got too warm. It was 77 degrees and sunny. The river was calm at the back of our campsite.

I did another walking aerobics DVD on the outside TV under the awning while Bob finished polishing his last wheel. I was getting myself primed for aerobics at Tropic Isles Monday-Friday. Bob checked the ant baits again and the ants are all gone!

We finalized our plan for going home this morning. We decided it was best to go straight home and not mess around with going somewhere else to hold up and wait for the storm to pass, in case Fred decided to head off in a different direction on the Florida peninsula. We called to cancel our reservations at Panama City Beach Campground and Topsail State Park, both located in the Panhandle. That would not be a good place to be this weekend! It is 540 miles to get home to Palmetto. We decided to break that distance into two legs. We called to make reservations at a campground near Tallahassee for Thursday night and then Friday we would be home. According to Bob’s weather websites that he checks for tropical storms and hurricanes, (Windy, Mike’s Weather Page, and NOAA) Tropical Storm Fred is expected to arrive on Saturday/Sunday as close as 30 miles offshore from where we live. The winds could be 30-60 mph and lots of rain, but the predictions on rain aren’t in yet. The storm should arrive at low tide which is a blessing. Our home is hurricane ready, but it is good to be on the premises to keep an eye on what’s going on with the boat on the lift and the yard. With our plans set, we were free to go on about our day. Bob wanted to pick up some DEF at Walmart. We forget to get it when we were there on Monday, so we made the drive into Prattville. On the way, we crossed over the Alabama River.

We passed this beautiful mansion that we had seen before. This time I had to get a picture.

We stopped at Walmart for the DEF and were on our way in no time. On our way back, we saw a few fields of cotton.

Ironically, we got stopped at the same train tracks that we did when we arrived on Saturday. Luckily, the train wasn’t as long, so our wait went quickly.

When we got back I took a short bike ride around the campground. Bob put my bike away when I got back. We put the rest of our things away, so our departure tomorrow would go more quickly. We had dinner and Auggie and I took our evening walk for the last time. We watched some TV and turned in for an early departure tomorrow. We have truly enjoyed our time at Gunter Hill campground and would love to come back again.

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