August 11, 2020 Pueblo Lake State Park, CO (Day 5)

We had our usual Sunday breakfast a few days late since we didn’t have anywhere special to be today. We vacuumed the entire bus since it takes two of us to handle the wand and the long, unwieldy hose on the central vacuum. Around 11:00, we packed up our gear and left for the beach. The short drive there took us past the cove and the other campground. The campground, like ours, looked like a ghost town. What a difference from the weekend to during the week.

There are two official beaches marked by swim buoys in the water. We stopped at the first beach in the park called Sailboard. We needed some soft sand in which to put our beach umbrella. The sand at Sailboard Beach was not good, so we left there and went down to the next beach just a mile or so down the road. It was the N1 Beach.

The “sand”, if you can call it that, was softer, so we set up the beach umbrella and our chairs, and settled in right across from the island.

There was really no breeze and the lake was calm, except when the boats or jet skis came by.

It was pleasant–not too warm near the water. It wasn’t too busy with people on the beach either and there was a lot of room to spread out and keep our social distance.

We did some reading and people watching. We packed up and left around 2:30. It had begun to get warm, so we decided it was time to get back to the bus and into the AC to cool off. We hung out for the afternoon as the temps rose and had burgers for dinner. We have been waiting until around sunset to take our walk, so that it isn’t so hot. Auggie and I did that tonight. We got back in time to watch the sun set. What can I say? You be the judge!

Tonight is the peak night for the Perseid Meteor Shower so I went outside about 11:00 to watch the skies. The skies were mostly clear with a few wispy clouds hanging around. My neighbor had his porch light on at first, so it took awhile to find a dark spot where that light was blocked from my view. I ended up sitting in the middle of the road looking to the east sky. He eventually turned off his light, so it became darker. They said it would be best to watch from 11-1 AM because after that the moon’s light would obscure some of the stars. I sat outside until around midnight and saw two bright meteors streak across the sky and quite a few dimmer ones. The Milky Way was very visible as were two very bright planets. Towards the west, the stars actually stretched down to the horizon where it was the darkest. It was nice and cool to be out there after a hot day and there was even a breeze. I called it a night at midnight and went to bed. We have 5 days of driving with only a single night stopover each night to get through Texas and Oklahoma. The temps are supposed to be over 100 everywhere we plan to stop. It will be some grueling days until we get to Biloxi. Then the rest of the way home we will take it at a slower pace.

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