August 11, 2018 Brookfield, WI (Day 2)

We slept really well last night after a busy day.  This morning our plan was to go in different directions.  I would meet my sister to do some shopping for Dad’s birthday party.  Bob was going with Anne and the family to spend a few hours at the fair.  Before we left, Bob tuned Izzy’s guitar and showed her how to hold it correctly to play it.
I left at 9:30 to meet Peggy at Total Wine at 10:00.  We shopped for beverages and went to Dollar Tree for party supplies.  I left there to shop for some groceries for the party at Pick and Save while Peggy went to pick up the cake.  We met back at her house to prep some of the food and have a bite to eat for lunch.  Afterwards, I went to Dad’s place to spend some quality time with him.  He was up and about when I arrived and we had a great visit with some one-on-one time.
He showed me the garden he was cultivating on his deck.  He had all kinds of vegetables and has always had a green thumb.
We visited for 2 hours before I headed back to Anne’s house. He walked me out the door to the truck and we talked about seeing each other tomorrow.  Once I got to Anne’s, I took Auggie out for a walk.  Bob had taken him into Anne’s house because we were having trouble keeping the AC going in the trailer without tripping the breaker.  He didn’t want Auggie to spend the afternoon in the heat of the trailer without AC.  When we got back from our walk, Auggie and I hung out in the backyard around the pool.  
I sat around the pool with my feet in the water while Auggie scouted out the backyard.

Bob and the family spent the afternoon at the fair and returned about 4:30.  Bob said there were tons of people at the fair today.
They had a good time checking out the animal barns and trying the unusual foods at the fair.

Anne and Izzy went down the big slide.  
                                      Izzy and Kaya shared a watermelon smoothie.
They saw some man trying to get his daughter to eat ants on a stick.  She would have none of it.
Anne came home from the fair with 2 containers of fried crickets for her dance team to try.  It’s become kind of an initiation for her new members.  If they want to try them, they can, but they are not for me.  Ick!
Once they got home, we sat around the pool while we waited for the pizzas to arrive.     It turned out to be a beautiful night.  There is a meteor shower later tonight and tomorrow, but tonight there were too many clouds to see much.  Maybe it will be better tomorrow night.   I walked Auggie after dinner and then we returned to the trailer to relax.  It was a busy day for the both of us and we were tired.  Tomorrow would be a big day too.  


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